Reminder : League Rule 12 – Postponed Matches

In accordance with League Rule 12, for the remainder of the 2013/14 League Season, please could all Captains refresh themselves with the procedures that apply with regards to postponed matches;

In the event of a team being forced to postpone a match due to unavoidable circumstances, the captain should notify the captain of the opposing team and the Fixtures/Results Secretary at least 24 hours before the match is due to be played. Failure to notify opponents and the Fixtures/Results Secretary as required will result in penalties being applied according to the discipline (see Rule 19 and Rule 22). Subject to a claim being raised, the offending team shall pay the sum of £15 to a Three Player Team / £20 Four Player Team as a contribution towards their expenses if they fail to turn up to a match and the non-offending team is already at the league venue, or cancel a match after 6.30pm on the evening of the match. Such expenses shall be paid within 28 days to the non-offending Captain.

Any postponed matches should be rearranged within 14 days and played within a further 14 days. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of two points (Four Player Division) or three points (Three Player Division) from their aggregate total. This will be repeated at monthly intervals. When a match has been postponed it is the responsibility of the home team captain to offer three dates on which the postponed match can be played.

A league match may be cancelled once in each half of the season without penalty, however should two or more league matches be cancelled in either half of the season then the team cancelling the match shall have 1 point deducted from their aggregate total to date, and for each and every match thereafter.

In the event of a league match or tournament round being played at an alternative venue due to the home table being unavailable, the original home player/team shall remain as such for the purposes of the order of play and payment of any table fees.

For a match to be confirmed via text, email or other electronic communication as either being cancelled and/or rearranged for a new date, such communication must be acknowledged by either the Captain or Vice Captain of the other team for it to be deemed as agreed. The Fixtures/Results Secretary shall be informed of any cancelled/rearranged matches.

League Rule Clarification as per SWDSL November 2013 Newsletter;

The Committee have decided unanimously that if a cancelled league match is re-arranged and then played either in the SAME playing week as it is detailed in the fixtures OR earlier, then League Rule 12 shall not apply with regards to that match counting as the free cancellation or subsequent cancellation of which a 1 point penalty would be applicable. This is because playing in the same week or earlier does not affect the league table standings or cause disruption to the fixtures.

Should you require any advice or clarifications regarding the league rules then please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary, Peter Saville via email