An Interview With…..Jonathan Wells

As a new feature to run throughout this and future league seasons, the Committee will be selecting a cross section of league players each month and asking for their answers to various questions that have been put together.  We hope that you will enjoy reading the answers to the questions posed!  If you would like to volunteer to participate, please email us at and we will add you to our interview list.  Many thanks!

The first league player in the hot seat is Jonathan Wells of Sawbridgeworth USC Bandits.

> 1- how many years have you been in the league?  25/26 yrs 

> 2-how many clubs/teams have you played for?  4 that i can remember

> 3-do you have a snooker nickname,& if so what is it?  The ‘Outlaw’

> 4-what is your favorite current league venue?  Sawbridgeworth

> 5-what is your favourite venue no longer in the league?  Stansted Airport

> 6-what do you think was/is the leagues best era, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 2000 onwards?  80’s

> 7-what is your greatest league achievement?  Winning league high break 8 times during 90s

> 8-who is your favourite professional player?  Stephen player ever to pick up cue

> 9-who do you think is the greatest player in league history?  Dave Duce

> 10-who has been your toughest opponent over the years?  Adam Ingram

> 11-what is your highest practise break?  138

> 12-what is your highest competitive break?  121

> 13-if you could win a trophy this season which would it be & why?  Scratch Singles…to many poor defeats over the years

> 14-if you could take a part of another league players game what would it be and from whom?  Thinking back to an ex player..Stuart Walkers long game/potting was excellent, i could do with that now!!

> 15-have you played against a professional and if so who? And how did you get on?  Peter Ebdon, Joe Perry, Stuart Bingham, Mike Hallet…  Have had a victory over joe and Stuart, albeit with a 21 start!!  Lost to others!!