Snooker Etiquette – A Few Reminders & Pointers!

The Committee would like to remind all league players that whilst playing, refeering and watching league matches and tournaments, that there is a level of etiquette expected which makes snooker the gentleman’s sport that we all enjoy being a part of.  Please see below for a few reminders for experienced players and pointers for new league players;

When tossing a coin to determines who has the choice of break, don’t slam it down on the rail of the table or cloth

When your opponent is at the table;

– try to avoid standing in the line of their shot

– don’t make sudden movements/noises which may be distracting

– don’t repeatedly chalk your cue

– don’t talk to or distract the referee

When refereeing one of your own team mates, don’t forget that you are expected to act impartially!

As a player taking part in the match but not in a particular frame, or as a watching spectator ;

– do not offer shot advice (coaching) during a frame to either player

– do not get involved with refereeing decisions/scoring mishaps unless your advice is requested by the referee

As a player;

– show your honesty by calling what may be a non-obvious foul on yourself (eg touching a ball with your hand), whether or not the referee or your opponent has seen it.  volunteer ‘a miss’ if in trying to get out of a snooker you think you could have done better, don’t wait for the referee or your opponent to call it

– try not to react to your opponent having the run of the balls whether that be a fluked pot or lucky snooker. we all get luck and it generally evens itself out over a season.  when you knowingly fluke a ball or a snooker, raise your hand to your  opponent to apologise

– when your opponent plays a good safety shot, tap the table to acknowledge or say ‘shot’

– try and keep your emotions under control, don’t swear when you miss a pot and don’t thump the table either!  save any negative comments until the match has finished

– do not concede a frame whilst there are still enough points to win without obtaining snookers, or whilst you opponent is at the table, wait until it is your turn to offer your concession

– if you have decided enough is enough whilst your opponent is at the table, do not make a point of unscrewing your cue or start putting it away

– always shake hands with your opponent before and after a frame, and after a league match whatever the result, shake hands with all players who have taken part, whether or not you have played them

– remember that the referee’s decision is final