An Interview With…..Steve Banks

In the third interview in our series, Sawston Jet’s Steve Banks gives us an insight into his own history with the snooker league.

1 – How many years have you been in the league? Over 45 years

2 – How many clubs/teams have you played for? Ickleton A & B, Snooker Q’s & Whites, Sawston Jets

3 – Do you have a snooker nickname, and if so what is it? No thank goodness

4 – What is your favourite current league venue? Takeley & Sawbridgeworth Clubs

5 – What is your favourite venue no longer in the league? I always enjoyed the Conservative & Comrades Clubs

6 – What do you think was/is the leagues best era, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 2000 onwards? I don’t really have a preference; the standard has improved each decade

7 – What is your greatest league achievement? Winning the League several times with different teams & Doubles with Denis Woodley

8 – Who is your favourite professional player? Difficult but I would go for Ronnie O’Sullivan

9 – Who do you think is the greatest player in league history? So many good players, different players for each era, it would be impossible to choose

10 – Who has been your toughest opponent over the years? Sid Freer was always hard to beat

11 – What is your highest practise break? 84

12 – What is your highest competitive break? 45

13 – If you could win a trophy this season which would it be and why? League or Cup as it would be nice to win with my current team

14 – If you could take a part of another league players game what would it be and from whom? Any of our top players and there positioning on shots

15 – Have you played against a professional and if so who? And how did you get on? Never