BS Snooker League Retain Challenge Trophy

Held at Harlow War Memorial Institute on Sunday 23 March 2014 and in a closely matched tournament, the Bishop’s Stortford Snooker League showed steely determination going into the final round of the day to win 7-5 and retain the Bishop’s Stortford Challenge Trophy by winning 26 frames overall to Saffron Walden’s 22.

Player Of The Tournament was Bishop’s Stortford’s Sean Wade who won 6 frames out of 8 played.  There was no high break over 25 on the day but at least 5 players claimed a high break of 24!

The DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League would like to thank Marc Ridout for organising the event, Harlow War Memorial Institute for providing the venue for the tournament, and our sponsor for the tournament, SNOOKERSUCCESS.  The Bishop’s Stortford League also obtained a sponsor, MAG American who we would like to thank for their support as well.

Round-by-Round Results and Player Statistics are as follows:

T1 Nobby Clarke 1-1 Neil Winter

T1 Nobby Clarke 1-1 Aaron Gibson

T1 Nobby Clarke 0-2 Bob Burling

T1 Nobby Clarke 2-0 Adrian Shoebridge

T2 Mick Westby 1-1 Bob Burling

T2 Mick Westby 1-1 Neil Winter

T2 Mick Westby 1-1 Aaron Gibson

T2 Mick Westby 2-0 Chris Clarke

T3 Sean Wade 2-0 Aaron Gibson

T3 Sean Wade 1-1 Bob Burling

T3 Sean Wade 1-1 Neil Winter

T3 Sean Wade 2-0 Mark Patmore

T4 Don Johnson 1-1 Chris Clarke

T4 Don Johnson 1-1 Mark Patmore

T4 Don Johnson 1-1 Adrian Shoebridge

T4 Don Johnson 1-1 Bob Burling

T5 Jack Bothwell 2-0 Adrian Shoebridge

T5 Jack Bothwell 2-0 Chris Clarke

T5 Jack Bothwell 1-1 Mark Patmore

T5 Jack Bothwell 0-2 Neil Winter

T6 Bill Pullum 1-1 Mark Patmore

T6 Bill Pullum 1-1 Adrian Shoebridge

T6 Bill Pullum 0-2 Chris Clarke

T6 Bill Pullum 0-2 Aaron Gibson

Total Score: 26-22

Bishop’s Stortford Players (won/lost):

Mick Westby 5-3

Nobby Clarke 4-4

Sean Wade 6-2

Don Johnson 4-4

Jack Bothwell 5-3

Bill Pullum 2-6

Saffron Walden Players (won/lost):

Bob Burling 5-3

Neil Winter 5-3

Aaron Gibson 4-4

Chris Clarke 3-5

Adrian Shoebridge 2-6

Mark Patmore 3-5

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