2014/15 League Season – Committee

We are pleased to have on board for the forthcoming season three new Committee Members Shaun Hunt from Saffron Snooker Pockets B, Richard Sewell from Widdington Warriors
and Stephen Burford from Takeley Chipmunks.  Shaun has also taken on the role of League Secretary on a three year term.  Following the first Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 30 July 2014, Dan Lewis was unaminously voted in as Chairman for the forthcoming season.

Therefore, the Committee for the 2014/15 Season are as follows;
Dan Lewis – Chairman
Shaun Hunt – League Secretary
Cathy O’Neill – Fixtures / Results Secretary
Adam Ingram – Tournament Secretary
Stuart Turner – Assistant Tournament Secretary
Peter Saville – Treasurer / Website Administrator
Stewart Hart
Pat Manley
Steve Stalley
Richard Sewell
Stephen Burford

Please could any queries be addressed to the appropriate Committee Member in the first instance.  If you are not sure then please email swdsl@live.co.uk and your email will be passed on.