WPBSA Official Rules Of Snooker Updated

All players should be aware that the WPBSA [World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association] have this month updated the Official Rules of Snooker, please click here (opens in a new window) to view the latest Snooker Rule Book dated 12 August 2014 direct from the WPBSA website.

A brief summary of the rule changes is provided below:

Section 2 Rule 6 Stroke. (a)
The addition of “except whilst addressing the cue-ball (known as feathering)”
The act of feathering the cue-ball is not a legal stroke, therefore it is penalised.

Section 2 Rule 13 – Free Ball & Section 3 Rule 12 – Snookered after a Foul
Now to include “other than the ball on”
This is not a rule change, but just a clarification of an existing rule. Following several incidents regarding the awarding of a Free Ball following a Foul, it should be clearly understood that the ball on can never be considered to be the Free Ball.

Section 2 Rule 14 – Forced off the table
The amended Rule will state as follows with the new part underlined:
“A ball is forced off the table if it comes to rest other than on the bed of the table or in a pocket, or is picked up by the striker, or intentionally moved by hand whilst it is in play”
This change was made to clarify the instance of a ball being lifted from the bed of the table or rolled into a new position. Both instances are fouls, but the cue-ball is now in hand for either offence.

Section 3 Rule 10 – Penalties
The position of the push shot penalty has changed it’s position, from (b)(v) to (a)(x).
Also, (d) (iii) Now reads “touches any ball during consultation”.
The touching of any ball during the consultation of replacing the balls following a Foul and a Miss, will now incur a penalty of SEVEN points.

Section 3 Rule 14 – Foul and a Miss.
The Foul and a Miss Rule was found to be too complicated, so needed to be simplified. This Rule has not changed in essence, but has been condensed into a shorter format, due to this, many cross references have had to be amended.

Section 3 Rule 15 Ball Moved by Other than Striker
(a) Remove the words “other than the strikers partner” If the strikers partner moves a ball, this is now a foul.