Miss Rule Clarification – Snookers Required

Following a recent Miss Rule debate at Saffron Snooker Club during a league match, please find below an extract from the current World Snooker Rules which gives clarification of calling a ‘foul and a miss’.  A miss shall not be called where as a result of the foul being committed the player then requires snookers, or already requires snookers prior to committing the foul.

14. Foul and a Miss
(a) The striker shall, to the best of his ability, endeavour to hit the ball on or a
ball that could be on after a Red has been potted. If the referee considers
the Rule infringed, he shall call FOUL AND A MISS unless:
(i) any player needed penalty points before, or as a result of, the stroke
being played;
(ii) before or after the stroke, the points available on the table are equal
to the points difference excluding the value of the re-spotted black;
and the referee is satisfied that the miss was not intentional.
(iii) a situation exists where it is impossible to hit the ball on.

In addition, please could all players also remember this important part of the snooker etiquette during all league matches;

As a player taking part in the match but not in a particular frame, or as a watching spectator ;
– do not offer shot advice (coaching) during a frame to either player
do not get involved with refereeing decisions/scoring mishaps unless your advice is requested by the referee