Memorial Cup Tournament – Sunday 30 November 2014 : Limited Spaces Available

Just to advise that we have received to date 19 advanced paid entries for the Memorial Cup Tournament that is being held this coming Sunday at Saffron Snooker Club.  This leaves only 13 places available as the entry field is limited to 32.  Please see the website to secure your entry place if you are interested in playing in this tournament.  The format is Round Robin Handicap Singles, 4 groups of 8 players in each, £10 entry fee which includes your table light all day.

This post will be updated between now and Sunday morning as spaces continue to be filled.  If any spaces are still available on the day they will be sold strictly on a ‘first-come-first-paid’ basis from 10.30am.  No phone calls or texts promising to pay will be accepted!  The tournament will be underway from 11am.