SWDSL Newsletter – April 2015

SWDSL Newsletter – April 2015

In the Three Player Division, congratulations to Newport Club who have won the Three Player Division title with two matches to spare.  All eyes are now on which team can find a final push to finish as Runners Up.  Currently Saffron Snooker Pockets A and Birchanger Social Club are both tied on 81 points, with Stansted Social Bandits 2 points behind them both on 79.  All 3 teams have 3 matches left to play.     Congratulations to Adam Ingram [Stansted SC Bandits] who is the new leader of the division highest break with a superb 118.

In the Four Player Division, Newport B lead the division by 9 points with 3 matches left to play.  Saffron Snooker Flukes are in second place, 3 points ahead of Takeley Chipmunks in third place.
Congratulations to Nick Selvey [Saffron Ex Cons] who is the new leader of the division highest break with 39.

The Quarter Finals Rounds of the Scratch Singles and Scratch Plus Singles are now in progress. The updated drawsheets are on the league website.  Please note all matches are to be arranged by 14 April 2015 and played by 28 April 2015. 

The Semi Finals Rounds of the Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles are due to be played during May.  Neutral table venues are currently being finalised and will be announced in due course.

Should you encounter any issues in trying to contact your opponent then please contact the Tournament Secretary Adam Ingram on 07901-723360.
Saffron Walden Challenge Tournament – Sunday 22 February 2015
Congratulations to Norwich Snooker League who secured a hat trick of titles.
Click here for the full tournament report. 

Bishop’s Stortford Challenge Tournament – Sunday 29 March 2015
Awesome Saffron Walden won the 2015 BS Challenge Tournament 36 frames to 12.
Click here for the full tournament report. 

Player Of The Year / Achievement Award Nominations
The Committee invite all league members to nominate a player for the following annual awards which will be handed out at Trophy Presentation / Finals Evening on Saturday 30 May 2015.
1.  Three Player Division Player Of The Season
2.  Four Player Division Player Of The Season
3.  Achievement Award (can be a player or team)

Please email swdsl@live.co.uk with your nominations and a brief reasoning as to your choice;

a nomination for the Player Of The Season will probably reflect a player who has a either a high or consistent win ratio in league matches during the season, and/or reached the quarter finals stage or beyond in the league tournaments which may include the one day tournaments.

a nomination for the Achievement Award is for an outstanding snooker achievement by a individual player or team during the season either in one frame or over a period of time, ie a player may win 10 straight frames in a row or may have knocked in his/her highest league break etc.

All entries received by the Committee will be considered on their individual merit prior to a final decision being made, and please remember that you cannot vote for yourself!

All entries must be received no later than Sunday 3 May 2015.

And Finally…
Snooker Rules Refresher / Referees Seminar – Sunday 1 March 2015
Congratulations to Danielle Findlay who successfully passed her EASB Grade 3 Referees examination under the strict observation of Daniel Lewis.