Membership Renewal Reminder To All EASB Referees

Dear Referee,

Referees Membership for the season 2015/16 are now available. If you have already renewed thank you and please ignore this communication.

To renew your membership go to the below URL and select your renewal category. Payments are accepted by Paypal and all major debit/credit cards.

Subscriptions for this year are required by 31st October 2015. Failure to renew by this date will result in loss of certification.

Previous seasons arrears will be dealt with separately during the course of the season.

The fees required are as follows:-

·       Tutors & Examiners- £30

·       Class 1 – £27

·       Class 2 – £20

·       Class 3 – £15

·       Affiliate membership – Emeritus – £10

·       Junior Class 3 – £10

·       Billiards only referee – £10

Please select the category below that best suits your current status as a referee and if you wish to referee in International events (additional payment is required and will be added to your total payment). 

If you hold different Classes in Snooker and Billiards, please select the HIGHEST CLASS membership, ie if your Class 1 Snooker and Class 2 Billiards, please ensure you register for Class 1 renewal. The office will ensure that both grades are maintained.


Rob Spencer

EASB Director of Referees