League Cup – Last 32 Round [w/c 11 Dec ’17] and Last 16 Round [w/c 18 Dec ’17]

The League Cup Drawsheet for the Last 32 Round is online and all matches are to be played during w/c 11 December 2017.  All matches are to be played on the home team’s usual home league night and must be played during the scheduled league cup week or the team canceling will forfeit the match.  The Last 16 Round will be played w/c 18 December 2017.  The drawsheet will be updated after the Last 32 Round.

To view the drawsheet click here.

**Update 20.11.17**  To help with the busy run up to the Christmas break, for those league teams that are already through to the last 16 round of the league cup and know their opponent team, by agreement of both captains your match can be played the week before during the last 32 round as this is a free week for you. Please let Adam know if you do arrange to play your match early, thanks.