Submitting Your Match Result

Now we are back playing league snooker again in both divisions, just a reminder to all Captains that the Result Card needs to be posted by the HOME CAPTAIN on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group within 48 hours of the match taking place. We have been lenient in the first couple of matches whilst we we get back in the swing of playing etc but thereafter from 1 November in accordance with league rules, one point will be deducted from the Home team’s accrued points total to date should Results Cards not be posted in time. These are needed so the League Tables and Handicaps can be kept up to date. For those Captains who don’t use WhatsApp or don’t have access to their phone on the night of the match, any member of either the home or away team can post the results card on the WhatsApp Group or can email a pdf copy or photo to

With regards to the Results Cards, historically these used to be professionally printed for us on card and then Captains would post them each week via snail mail to the Fixtures / Results Secretary. We have now used up all of our old stock of these cards and as results are now posted via the WhatsApp Group, should you need to, copies can be printed directly from the website under the FORMS section. Click here also to print/download the Results Card.