2021/22 League Season – 2nd Half Restart COVID Measures

Last Updated : 9 January 2022 (this post may be updated regularly to reflect any changes in guidance by the UK Government, the English Partnership for Snooker & Billiards [EPSB] or the SWDSL Committee).

Following the recent increase in COVID cases due to the latest variant and increased mixing over the festive period, the SWDSL Committee recommend that the following measures are undertaken to help keep our members safe whilst taking part in league matches. These measures are recommended and advisory but we hope that all league members will adhere to them to help keep themselves and those attending safe.

  1. The NHS recommend that individuals should undertake a lateral flow test before mixing with people in crowed indoor places. Many of you will probably be undertaking testing regularly for work but if not you may wish to consider undertaking a test before taking part in league activities particularly if you are experiencing any of the COVID symptoms.
  2. Face coverings should be worn when arriving at the host venue until players are in position where the match is taking place, and follow the same procedure when leaving the venue. If social distancing cannot be adequately accommodated at the host venue due to its size or layout, we recommend that when not playing, all those attending the match including any spectators wear face coverings.
  3. When refereeing, we recommend that the referee wears a face covering as during a frame they will no doubt come into close contact with the players.
  4. Should anyone attending a match receive a positive COVID test with 24-48 hours thereafter, please advise your Captain so they can out of courtesy advise your team mates and the opposing Captain that they may wish to take a lateral flow test as a precaution.
  5. All players and spectators to strictly adhere to any specific COVID measures that may be in place at the host venue that they are attending, i.e. hand sanitising, social distancing, one way systems etc.

In addition to the above measures, the Committee have agreed that all league matches in the Second Half of the 2021/22 League Season can be played with one player short without any penalty being applied. Please refer to the specific league rules for each discipline with regards to the mechanics of the playing order etc. This is to help those teams who may have players self-isolating having to cancel matches and potentially causing a backlog of fixtures.

We trust that all our members will find the above to be a sensible approach to help ensure everyone’s safety during the current conditions. Should you wish to discuss further then please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary, Simon Chapman via email swdsl@live.co.uk.