2022/23 League Season – League Officers and Committee Members

Further to the AGM held on Tuesday 12 July 2022, the Committee of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League are pleased to confirm that Stuart Turner was re-elected to the position of Tournament Secretary and Aaron Gibson was re-elected to the position of Fixtures / Results Secretary.  Stewart Hart and Jason Pegram were also re-elected as Committee Members.  We are pleased also to welcome two new Committee Members, Peter Barker and Ellis Pridmore.  Steve Stalley and Trevor Parsons have both stood down from the Committee at the end of their current terms and we thank them for their long service and committment to the league.

Therefore, for the 2022-23 League Season, the Committee of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden and District Snooker League consists of the following Officers and Committee Members;

League Officers;
Life President – Dan Lewis
Chairman – to be voted for at the first Committee Meeting (currently Peter Saville)
League Secretary – Simon Chapman (Whittlesford Social Club)
Treasurer – Peter Saville (Dunmow Club)
Fixtures / Results Secretary – Aaron Gibson (Stansted Club)
Tournament Secretary – Stuart Turner (Dunmow Club)

Committee Members;
Stewart Hart (Saffron Snooker Club)
Peter Barker (Stansted Social Club)
Stephen Burford (Takeley Sports & Social Club)
Phil Chapman (Whittlesford)
Ellis Pridmore (JP’s Snooker & Pool Club)
Jason Pegram (JP’s Snooer & Pool Club)

It is important that any queries or issues are directed to the correct person. The main day-to-day work is generally undertaken by Simon Chapman, Aaron Gibson,  Stuart Turner and Peter Saville whose roles and responsibilities are as follows;

League Secretary – Simon Chapman – please email swdsl@live.co.uk
All matters concerning the general running of the league on a day-to-day basis, any queries concerning league rules and regulations etc.

Fixtures / Results Secretary – Aaron Gibson
Any queries in relation to league fixtures, league match results, player registrations and handicaps, cancellation and/or rearranging of league matches.  Collation of league results and production of league tables.

Tournament Secretary – Stuart Turner
All matters relating to all tournament and competition entries, results and draw sheets including the President’s Cup, Memorial Cup, Saffron Walden Challenge and League Cup.

Treasurer / Website Administrator – Peter Saville
Any matters in relation to the finances of the league and the administration/content of the league website, facebook page or twitter account.

REMINDER: SWDSL AGM – Tuesday 12 July 2022

Just a quick reminder that the AGM of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden District and Snooker League will be held at Takeley Sports & Social Club on Tuesday 12 July 2022 at 8.00pm.

Copies of both the AGM Agenda and Minutes of the last AGM will be handed out on the night, however an advance copy of both can be viewed by clicking the links below.

For those attending, our Chairman will buy you a drink on arrival to keep you refreshed during the meeting given the current period of hot weather.

AGM Agenda

Minutes of the last AGM held on Tuesday 6 July 2021

2022/23 League Season – Please Submit Your Team & Player Registration Form

All Team Captains, it’s that time of year again!

Ahead of the AGM on Tuesday 12 July 2022, the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League requires your 2022/23 Team & Player Registration Form to be submitted to us no later than Sunday 3 July 2022.  The online registration form can be completed in a few minutes via the league website or the link below and automatically submits your entry to us.  In order to complete it you will need to have a mobile number and email address for each of the players that you wish to register.  Registered players will also prior to the start of the new season be added to our WhatsApp Group which many members find a useful way to keep up to date with league results and news.

Click here to complete and submit your form now!

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact either Peter Saville (Treasurer/Website Administrator) or Simon Chapman (League Secretary) in the first instance, many thanks.

NOTICE : Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 12 July 2022

The Committee of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting will be held at Takeley Sports & Social Club on Tuesday 12 July 2022 at 8pm.  All registered league members are invited to attend, and all teams that intend to compete next season should send along at least one representative.  It is a compulsory requirement that a representative of any NEW teams and clubs attend so their application to join the league can be approved by the membership.

Should any member wish to submit an item for the Agenda or propose either an amendment to an existing league rule or propose a new league rule, these must be received by the League Secretary Simon Chapman no later than 28 days prior to the AGM which is Tuesday 14 June 2022.

Please send any items/proposals via email to swdsl@live.co.uk or via the Online Form on the league website, and we will confirm receipt.

The Committee are considering proposing a change to the current application of the Miss Rule to alleviate the judgement part for the referee as to whether a miss should be called or not based upon the players ability.

We are considering applying the full miss rule as used in the professional game with the caveat that there will be a maximum of three miss calls in any given situation and a miss will not be called following a fourth failed escape. Thereafter the normal foul rule applies and the non-offending player has the option to play from where the balls have landed or ask the offending player to play again, thus no advantage should be gained from where the balls finish after the failed fourth attempt.

Changing the current application that we have would ensure that the miss rule can be applied by all referees consistently throughout the league every time a player fails to hit a ball on. It is currently not being applied fairly or consistently due to the wide range of players abilities in the league and both players and referees having a difference of opinion on whether a snooker is easy or difficult to escape from.

We would welcome any thoughts or alternative proposals that you may wish to put forward on this prior to the proposal being finalised and voted upon at the AGM.

Should you wish to discuss any matters prior to them being submitted then please do not hesitate to contact either the League Secretary or any member of the Committee.

2021/22 League Season – Tournament Semi Finals / Finals Schedule [updated 07.05.22]

To all those players and teams that have made it through to the latter stages of a league tournament…congratulations!

The dates for all Semi Finals and Finals were published at the start of the season on the Season Calendar and were also detailed on each tournament drawsheet.  Please ensure that you are available to play on the designated date below otherwise you will unfortunately have to withdraw from the tournament. Results will be added to this page as matches are played, all drawsheets are now updated to include the draws for the semi-finals.

Please remember that a dress code applies to all Finals which is trousers, smart polo shirt or shirt (single colour), and shoes, NO jeans, trainers, t-shirts, tracksuits. Failure to adhere to the dress code will result in the match being conceded.

The start time for all Semi-Finals and Finals is 7.30pm unless detailed otherwise.
As per League Rule 28 – For semi finals and finals, where a referee has been appointed and a start time for the match set, if a team, pair or player are not at the match table ready to start at the set time then a frame shall be conceded from the offending player.  If after 15 minutes, play is still not underway, a further frame shall be conceded.  The match shall be conceded 30 minutes after the start time set, regardless of the number of frames outstanding.  The enforcement of this rule is at the discretion of the referee and the non-offending player(s)/Team Captain.

Handicap Doubles
SF1 – Wednesday 6 April 2022 at Takeley Sports & Social Club
Chapman/Chapman w/o Starr/Starr
Referee/Scorer: Trevor Parsons/Steve Burford

SF2 – Wednesday 6 April 2022 at Dunmow Club
Parrot/Wrentmore 1-2 Hewitt/Cooper
Referee/Scorer: Stuart Turner

Final – Tuesday 12 April 2022 at Takeley Sports & Social Club, 8pm start
Chapman/Chapman 2-1 Hewitt/Cooper
Referee/Scorer: Trevor Parsons/Steve Burford
High Break: –

Handicap Singles
SF1 – Monday 11 April 2022 at Dunmow Club, 7.30pm start
Mark Patmore 3-0 Clive Ellet
Referee/Scorer: Stuart Turner

SF2 – Monday 11 April 2022 at JPs Snooker & Pool Club, 7.30pm start
Phil Chapman 3-1 Andrew Green
Referee/Scorer: –

Final – Wednesday 27 April 2022 at Takeley Sports & Social Club, 7.30pm start
Mark Patmore 1-3 Phil Chapman
Referee/Scorer: Trevor Parsons/Steve Burford
High Break: Stuart Turner 59

Scratch Plus Singles
SF1 – Tuesday 19 April 2022 at Takeley Sports & Social Club, 8pm start
Peter Saville 0-3 Mark Patmore
Referee/Scorer: Trevor Parsons/Steve Burford

SF2 – Tuesday 19 April 2022 at JPs Snooker & Pool Club, 7.30pm start
Chris Clarke 3-0 Bob Fox
Referee/Scorer: –

Final – Monday 9 May 2022 at Dunmow Club, 7.30pm start
Mark Patmore 3-2 Chris Clarke
Referee/Scorer: Stuart Turner
High Break: Mark Patmore 28

Scratch Singles
SF1 – Wednesday 20 April 2022 at JPs Snooker & Pool Club, 7.30pm start
Alex Clenshaw 3-2 Jack Hayley
Referee/Scorer: –

SF2 – Wednesday 20 April 2022 at Stansted Social Club, 7.30pm start
Darren Edmonston 0-3 Russell Huxter
Referee/Scorer: Simon Chapman

Final – Saturday 7 May 2022 at JPs Snooker & Pool Club, 7pm start
Russell Huxter 1-4 Alex Clenshaw
Referee/Scorer: Stuart Turner
High Break: Alex Clenshaw 98

League Cup
SF1 – Wednesday 27 April 2022 at Saffron Snooker Club, 7.30pm start
Saffron SC Ex-Cons 1-3 JPs Outlaws
Referee/Scorer: Stewart Hart

SF2 – Wednesday 6 April 2022 at Stansted Social Social Club
Dunmow Club 3-2 Stansted Ex Newport
Referee/Scorer: Steve Burford/Trevor Parsons

Final – Wednesday 4 May 2022 at Stansted Social Club, 7.30pm start
Dunmow Club 3-0 JPs Outlaws
Referee/Scorer: Peter Barker/Martin Corbishley

The main trophies that are engraved each year will be presented to the winners at the AGM – date to be confirmed. Following feedback from players over the last couple of seasons, the league is no longer providing keepsake trophies for winners and runners up.

**CANCELLED** 2022 President’s Cup Tournament – Sunday 3 April 2022

Unfortunately due to only receiving 9 confirmed paid entries, the President’s Cup has been cancelled for this season. For those that entered, please contact the Treasurer, Peter Saville with your bank details and he will arrange for your entry fee to be refunded. The Committee will review the format of this tournament for next season to see whether it can be incorporated as a tournament held over the season (as the Handicap Singles is) rather than as a day tournament which may help secure more entries.

Quarter Finals Round – All Tournaments

The drawsheets for the Quarter Finals Round of the Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Singles and Scratch Plus Singles are now updated on the league website.  Please note that all matches are to be arranged by 14 March 2022 and played by 28 March 2022.

Please could the winner of each match report the result directly to the Tournament Secretary Stuart Turner or post on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group within 24 hours to enable the tournament drawsheets to be updated for the next round.

Should you encounter any issues in trying to contact your opponent then please contact Stuart Turner on 07879-463089.

As per previous seasons, the Tournament Secretary respectfully requests that all players that are still in the Quarter Finals of either the Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Plus Singles and Scratch Singles to check the drawsheet to ensure that they are available to play on the dates listed for the semi-finals or final for that tournament.  Tournament dates are set in stone and will not be changed if you cannot make it – whatever your reason may be.

If you are not available then please do not play your Quarter Final match – inform the Tournament Secretary and you will be withdrawn from the tournament.

It is not fair on your opponent to play a Quarter Final match and win knowing that you cannot make either the semi-final or final.  Any players doing so will be illegible to enter the same tournament next season.

League Rule Clarification: Playing a League Match with a Player Short

Following recent confusion between team Captains with regards to the correct procedure to follow when playing a league match with a player short, the Committee wish to clarify the league rules and how they should be followed.

With regards to the Three Player Division, the team attending the match with a player short, ie two players writes down the order of play for the first four frames in the usual way, either first as the home team, or after as the away team. The non-offending Captain then selects one of the two players in the offending team to play either a further two frames (ie four in total) to replace the player 3, or can choose for both players to play an extra frame each (ie three in total). This selection can be done at the start of the match OR after the first four frames have been played. In accordance with league rule 21, the match result in points won shall stand but the offending team shall be deducted two points from their aggregate total.

With regards to the Four Player Division, this follows generally the same principle as the Three Player except the non-offending Captain selects one of the three players in the team that is a player short to play an extra frame. Again, this can be undertaken at the start of the match or after three frames have been played. In accordance with league rule 18, the match result in points won stands but the offending team shall be deducted one point from their aggregate total.

With COVID restrictions now being eased across the country, the Committee are from w/c 7 February 2022 reinstating penalty point(s) deductions for teams playing with one player short.

**RE-SCHEDULED** 2022 President’s Cup Tournament – Sunday 3 April 2022

The 2022 President’s Cup will be held on Sunday 3 April 2022 at JP’s Snooker & Pool Club. Registration is by payment in advance by Sunday 27 March 2022, the £10 entry fee includes your table light all day.

The draw for the tournament will be made in advance of the day and the first round of matches will take part on a staggered start basis.  Players will be advised in advance of the approximate time that they need to arrive at JP’s.  The initial 5 matches will start at 10am.  All rounds of the tournament are best of three frames including the final.   All matches are to be played off of second half league handicaps.

In accordance with League Rule 27, in order for a player to be eligible to enter and play in the President’s Cup Tournament, they must have played in a minimum of either 3 league or cup matches in the first half of the season.

The £240 Prize Fund* will be split as follows;
Winner: £120 [50%]
Runner Up: £60 [25%]
Losing Semi-Finalists: £30 [12.5% each]

*based upon 24 entrants, final prize fund allocation to be adjusted pro-rata should not all places be filled. Minimum 16 entrants required for the tournament to be held.

Trophies for the Winner and Runner Up will be presented at the Finals / Trophy Presentation evening in May.

Entry will be limited to 24 players on a first come, first paid in advance basis.  Entries opened on Sunday 2 January 2022 at 10am and will close on midnight on Sunday 27 March 2022.  No entries will be accepted either before or after the above dates and any invalid entry monies received will be refunded.  Should we receive more than 24 entrants, we will add the names to the reserve list and contact players in order prior to the day should anyone who has paid drop out.  If your entry is surplus to the 24 confirmed entrants following the draw being undertaken your entry fee will be refunded.  In all other circumstances entry fees are non-refundable. 

Venue: JP’s Snooker & Pool Club
Date: Sunday 3 April 2022
Club opens from: 9.30am
First 5 matches start: 10am
Matches 6-10 start approx: 11.30am, players to arrive by 11.00am in case previous matches complete early
Matches 11-16 onwards start approx: 1pm, players to arrive by 12.30pm ditto above

Due to the tournament being limited to 24 entrants, entries must be made in advance of the day.  You can secure your place by paying the £10 entry fee via the payment link posted on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group or by requesting the payment link via email swdsl@live.co.uk.  When making your payment please use your name as the payment reference.

You can pay for 1 other player only at the time of your own entry – please email swdsl@live.co.uk to let us know who you have paid for.

Please remember all entries are only secured once payment has been received.  A list of entrants will be added this webpage below as entries are received.

It would be appreciated if all clubs and team captains could encourage as many of their players to enter and help make this year another successful tournament.

25.03.22 – Confirmed Entrants

  1. Leon Mozejko
  2. Jamie Sanderson
  3. Phil Chapman
  4. Sam Duce
  5. Aaron Gibson
  6. Bill Clenshaw
  7. Ellis Pridmore
  8. Rob Jones
  9. Tony Fillocco

League Cup – Last 16 Round [w/c 14 February ’22]

The League Cup Drawsheet for the Last 16 Round is online and all matches are to be played during w/c 14 February 2022.  All matches are to be played on the home team’s usual home league night and must be played during the scheduled league cup week or the team cancelling will forfeit the match.  The Quarter Finals will be played w/c 28 March 2022.  The drawsheet will be updated after the Last 16 Round.

Please could all home Captains remember to post the match result card on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group.

To view the drawsheet click here.