2021/22 League Season – Please Submit Your Team & Player Registration Form

All Team Captains, it’s that time of year again!

Ahead of the AGM on Tuesday 6 July 2021, the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League requires your 2021/22 Team & Player Registration Form to be submitted to us no later than Sunday 4 July 2021.  

As part of the SWDSL Restart Plan, no Team & Player registration fees or league fees shall be payable for the 2021/22 League Season to encourage as many players to pick up their cues and start playing snooker again!

The online registration form can be completed in a few minutes via the league website or the link below and automatically submits your entry to us.  In order to complete it you will need to have a mobile number and email address for each of the players that you wish to register.  Registered players will also prior to the start of the new season be added to our WhatsApp Group which many members find a useful way to keep up to date with league results and news.

Click here to complete and submit your form now!

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact either Peter Saville (Treasurer/Website Administrator) or Simon Chapman (League Secretary) in the first instance, many thanks.

Teams Registrations received as at 22.06.21;

Three Player Division

  • SSC Swifts
  • Dunmow Club
  • BS Golf Club
  • JPs Outlaws
  • JPs Bounty Hunters
  • Stansted Social Club
  • Whittlesford Wonders
  • SSC Spiders
  • Newport Club

Four Player Division

  • Takeley Chipmunks
  • SSC Ex Cons
  • Newport C
  • Widdington Warriors
  • SSC Flukes
  • Newport A

UPDATE: SWDSL Restart Plan


As we continue to see good progress with the COVID vaccination programme and the Government’s roadmap to ease restrictions, a Committee Meeting over Zoom was held earlier this month to discuss where the league may be as soon as social contact restrictions are completely lifted which is currently on track for being no earlier than 21 June 2021.

Following discussions, it was unanimously agreed to not restart the 2019/20 league season due to the fact that play was suspended in March 2020 some 13 months ago, not all league venues will be operational in June/July to enable snooker to be played if there was an appetite by league players to do so, and arranging/playing snooker in the summer months can be difficult with holidays etc. It was therefore concluded that it was in the best interests of the league for a line to be drawn under the suspended season and to plan for a new season to start in September 2021.

It was also proposed by the Treasurer (Peter Saville) that although the Committee had fulfilled the majority of their duties for the 2019/20 season, that it would not be appropriate for the League Officers to be offered an honorarium this season. This was unanimously agreed.

The Treasurer also proposed that given the fact that for the 2019/20 league season no trophies had been purchased (the single largest expenditure each season), no honorariums are being offered and the league had not incurred the cost of the Finals / Trophy Presentation Evening, that no league or tournament fees* should be charged for the new 2021/22 season. This was unanimously agreed. *An entry fee will be charged for specific tournaments where there is a cash prize fund, i.e. President’s Cup etc. It is hoped that this decision will encourage as many league players as possible to register for the new league season and start playing again.

In order to continue to move the league forward, the Committee will meet as and when is necessary and an AGM is provisionally to be held on Tuesday 6 July 2021, further details to be confirmed. Prior to the AGM, the Committee will send out Team & Player Registration Forms as is usual towards the end of May.

We trust that the league members will fully support the decisions made by the Committee and we look forward to starting the new season in September with as many of you as possible.

Many thanks,
Peter Saville
For and on behalf of the SWDSL Committee

UPDATE: SWDSL 2019/20 League Season

I thought it was now appropriate to give all league members a further update on the plans for the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League going forward.  This is still fluid and very much a moving target but some outline principles have been discussed and agreed between the team Captains and the Committee which are worth sharing.

During the past 5 months since our suspension in March 2020, the Committee have been closely monitoring the return professional sports, including the World Snooker Tour and I’m sure you all recently enjoyed watching the World Snooker Championship.

In June 2020, the Committee undertook a consultation with all team captains in both disciplines to gauge teams thoughts in relation to the options available as and when we are in a position to safely recommence.

In summary, generally due to the fact that both Divisions were in the final stages of the 2019/20 league season when the suspension came into being, it was felt appropriate that as and when we can safely recommence to complete these together that we should, together with all tournaments prior to starting a new league season.  To help with this in case some teams struggle for players post COVID, I propose to relax the minimum number of players that are required to participate in league matches in both divisions. To be confirmed by the Committee, this is likely to be a minimum of 2 players for either division without penalty.

It is currently increasingly likely that the 2020/21 league season won’t be held as timescales will not sufficiently allow following the completion of the 2019-20 league season.  As you aware, our league season usually commences in the first week of September and completes by the end of May the following year.

As at the date of this post [31 August 2020], it is pleasing to see that the majority of league venues have reopened their bar facilities to their members.  Understandably though at this time, only a handful are allowing use of their snooker facilities and if they are have stringent COVID-safe procedures in place.  Not all venues are currently allowing visitors to use their facilities.  It would be preferable for the 2019/20 league and tournaments to be completed as and when such restrictions have been substantially relaxed or removed entirely.  The timescale for this is still unknown but it may be towards the end of 2020 or early 2021, watch this space!

Following the completion of the 2019/20 league season, the Tournament Sub-Committee will gauge interest and look at the logistics of running either some or all of the tournaments during the usual 2020/21 season time period if these can be scheduled in so the season isn’t entirely lost.  Also following completion of the current season, the Committee will request Team & Player Registrations for the 2021/22 league season and the AGM will be held.  The 2021/22 league season will then commence from September 2021 and run through to May 2022.

Please bear with us during these difficult times.  We would welcome any members feedback, comments or thoughts on the above, so please do not hesitate to contact either myself directly or the League Secretary Simon Chapman via the SWDSL email address.

Many thanks,
Peter Saville
For and on behalf of the SWDSL Committee

Temporary Suspension of SWDSL Activities

The Committee of the SWDSL have given the matter due consideration and decided that it is in the best interests of all members to suspend all league/tournament activities with immediate effect with the current COVID-19 situation starting to affect our day-to-day lives.

We appreciate that over the next few weeks and months some league members and their families may have to self-isolate and playing snooker will not be high on their list of priorities.

We will give at least 7 days notice for the restart and the fixtures and tournament dates will be updated.  If you have already arranged to play in a tournament quarter final and wish to continue with your match then that will be your choice/risk to do so.

This has not been an easy decision for us to take and appreciate that not all of you will be in agreement with this decision but the well-being of our members must come first and the disruption to the league fixtures/tournaments will be dealt with down the line as and when the whole picture becomes clearer to us all.

More updates to follow as and when appropriate.

Many thanks,
Peter Saville
For and on behalf of the SWDSL Committee

REMINDER: League Cup – Quarter Finals Round [to be played w/c 13 April 2020]

The League Cup Drawsheet for the Quarter Finals Round is online and all matches are to be played during w/c 13 April 2020.  All matches are to be played on the home team’s usual home league night and must be played during the scheduled league cup week or the team cancelling will forfeit the match.

Monday 13 April 2020 is Easter Monday and therefore a bank holiday.  As a couple of matches fall on this date the Committee wishes to clarify that if both Captains agree to rearrange their match, this can be played during any other evening during cup week or any evening prior to cup week.

To view the drawsheet click here.

Quarter Finals Round – All Tournaments

The drawsheets for the Quarter Finals Round of the Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Singles, Scratch Plus Singles and John Webb Plate are now updated on the league website.  Please note that all matches are to be arranged by 14 March 2020 and played by 28 March 2020.

Please could the winner of each match report the result directly to the Tournament Secretary Stuart Turner or post on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group within 24 hours to enable the tournament drawsheets to be updated for the next round.

Should you encounter any issues in trying to contact your opponent then please contact Stuart Turner on 07879-463089.

JP’s Austin Wilkinson Wins The 2020 President’s Cup

The Annual President’s Cup, sponsored by Refurb & Development Ltd was held on Sunday 2 February 2020 at JPs Snooker & Pool Club, Harlow, Essex.

The handicap singles best-of-3-frames event was well supported with a field of 28 league players in attendance, all hoping to be the next name engraved on the prestigious President’s Cup.

Battling through the field of players, it was JP’s own Austin Wilkinson and Whittlesford’s Sam Duce that prevailed through to the final.  Sam was on form and hot favourite going into the final having made the highest break of the day with 60 in one of the earlier rounds, and he carried this confidence into the final and made an early start racing to an easy 1 nil lead.  Austin’s tenacity however allowed him to fight back in frame 2 and clear the last five colours to make it 1-1.  The deciding final frame in the best-of-three final was a scrappy affair with neither player able to dominate.  Sam took the lead and going into the colours, Austin needed them all to win.  After some nervy safety play it was Austin that prevailed and managed to skilfully pot the last remaining balls to get over the line and to win the 2020 President’s Cup, his first tournament win in the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League.  Austin is certainly an up and coming player and looks set to be collecting more silverware in the future.

Austin Wilkinson 2-1 Sam Duce

Tournament High Break: Sam Duce [Whittlesford] 60

2020 President’s Cup finalists Austin Wilkinson & Sam Duce

Austin mentioned after the final that he had to thank Jason Pegram for the use of his cue which he’s been using recently to great effect, apparently this is the cue that Jason used when he was a professional and its made over 20 maximums breaks, can Austin add to that tally going forward or will Jason now want it back!

Austin received the £80 Winners Prize together with a pair of Afternoon / Evening session tickets to the 2021 Masters Snooker Tournament, Sam received the consolation of the £40 Runners Up prize.  Both of the losing semi finalists, Stewart Hart & Leon Mozejko each received £10.

2020 President’s Cup Winner Austin Wilkinson giving us an idea of the size of trophy he might like to receive on Finals Night in May!

Some photos of the event are on the SWDSL Instagram account, and all trophies will be presented at the Annual Presentation/Finals Evening at JPs Snooker & Pool Club at the end of the Season.

The Committee of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden and District Snooker League would like to thank Refurb & Development Ltd for their continued sponsorship of our flagship tournament, Jason Pegram & JP’s Snooker & Pool Club for providing the venue, Alex & Jack for the expert preparation of the tables, and Tournament Director Stuart Turner ably assisted by Stewart Hart in ensuring that the tournament ran smoothly.

2020 President’s Cup Drawsheet & Match Start Times

Click here to view the 2020 President’s Cup Drawsheet

PLAYER                                    HANDICAP                   MATCH START TIME


Aaron Gibson                                -12                       9.30 AM

Phil Chapman                                +11                       9.30 AM

Stewart Hart                                +23                        9.30 AM

Andrew Green                                -19                       11.00 AM

Richard Breen                               -17                       12.00 PM

Leon Mozejko                                +10                       12.00 PM

Chris Coney                                 +4                       11.00 AM

Stuart Turner                              -45                       10.15 AM

Rob Jones                                   +4                       10.15 AM

Michael Earley                             +24                        9.30 AM

Peter Barker                                -6                        9.30 AM

Simon Giblin                               -17                        9.30 AM

Jamie Sanderson                            -41                       11.00 AM

Tony Filocco                               SCR                       11.00 AM

Peter Saville                               +4                       12.00 PM

Sam Duce                                   -20                       11.00 AM

Bill Clenshaw                               -4                        9.30 AM

Keith Youell                               -22                       12.00 PM

Steve Toelkemeier                          -8                        9.30 AM

Simon Chapman                              -1                       10.15 AM

Colin Pegram                               +21                       10.15 AM

Alex Clenshaw                              -70                       11.00 AM

Jack Hayley                                -57                       10.15 AM

Ian Waite                                   +5                       10.15 AM

Carl Cooper                                +10                       11.00 AM

Spencer Hewitt                             -17                       10.15 AM

Andy Collins                                -5                       11.00 AM

Austin Wilkinson                           -23                       10.15 AM

2020 President’s Cup Tournament – Sunday 2 February 2020

The 2020 President’s Cup, sponsored by Refurb & Development Ltd will be held on Sunday 2 February 2020 at JP’s Snooker & Pool ClubRegistration is by payment in advance by Sunday 26 January 2020 of the £5 entry fee which includes your table light all day.

The draw for the tournament will be made in advance of the day and the first round of matches will take part on a staggered start basis.  Players will be advised in advance of the approximate time that they need to arrive at JP’s.  The initial 5 matches will start at 9.30am.  All rounds of the tournament are best of three frames including the final.   All matches are to be played off of second half league handicaps.

In accordance with League Rule 27, in order for a player to be eligible to enter and play in the President’s Cup Tournament, they must have played in a minimum of either 3 league or cup matches in the first half of the season.

The Prize Fund will be as follows;
Winner: £80 + a pair of Afternoon / Evening session tickets to the 2021 Masters Snooker Tournament* 
Runner Up: £40 
Losing Semi-Finalists: £10 
Losing Quarter-Finalists: £5 

Entry will be limited to 32 players on a first come, first paid in advance basis.  Entries open on Saturday 4 January 2020 at 10am and will close on midnight on Sunday 26 January 2020.  No entries will be accepted either before or after the above dates and any invalid entry monies received will be refunded.  Should we receive more than 32 entrants, we will add the names to the reserve list and contact players in order prior to the day should anyone who has paid drop out.  If your entry is surplus to the 32 confirmed entrants following the draw being undertaken your £5 will be refunded.  In all other circumstances entry fees are non-refundable. 

Venue: JP’s Snooker & Pool Club
Date: Sunday 2 February 2020
Club opens from: 9.00am
First 5 matches start: 9.30am
Matches 6-10 start approx: 10.30am, players to arrive by 10.00am in case previous matches complete early
Matches 11-16 onwards start approx: 11.30am, players to arrive by 11.00am ditto above

Due to the tournament being limited to 32 entrants, entries must be made in advance of the day.  You can secure your place by paying the £5 entry fee click here via Paypal payment processing.  Please use your name as the payment reference.

The Treasurer will also accept payment to the league bank account, please contact Peter Saville for further details.

You can pay for 1 other player only at the time of your own entry – please email swdsl@live.co.uk to let us know who you have paid for.

Please remember all entries are only secured once payment has been received.  A list of entrants will be added this webpage below as entries are received.

Don’t miss out, click here to reserve your place and pay via PayPal, remember entries close at midnight on Sunday 26 January 2020.

It would be appreciated if all clubs and team captains could encourage as many of their players to enter and help make this year another successful tournament.

*Masters Tickets are offered subject to World Snooker Early Bird ticket availability and reasonable pricing, otherwise an equivalent sum will be given to winner in line with the cost of previous years tickets in addition to the £80 prize money.   

Refurb & Development Ltd
Contact: Nick Selvey 07802 796567 / email: refurbanddevelopment@googlemail.com

Confirmed Paid Entries;
1.    Aaron Gibson
2.    Phil Chapman
3.    Stewart Hart
4.    Andrew Green
5.    Richard Breen
6.    Leon Mozejko
7.    Chris Coney
8.    Stuart Turner
9.    Rob Jones
10.  Michael Earley
11.  Peter Barker
12.  Simon Giblin
13.  Jamie Sanderson
14.  Tony Filocco
15.  Peter Saville
16.  Dan Ramm [withdrawn]
17.  Sam Duce
18.  Bill Clenshaw
19.  Keith Youell
20.  Steve Toelkemeier
21.  Simon Chapman
22. Colin Pegram
23. Alex Clenshaw
24. Jack Hayley
25. Ian Waite
26. Carl Cooper
27. Spencer Hewitt
28. Andy Collins
29. Austin Wilkinson

Reserve List;

2019/20 League Season – 2nd Half Player Handicaps

All player handicaps for the 2nd half of the 2019/20 league season have been updated to reflect the results of the first half of the season up to and including league cup weeks prior to the Christmas break.  Should you have any queries regarding your revised handicap then please email Aaron Gibson via swdsl@live.co.uk in the first instance.

SWDSL 2019/20 Handicaps as at 03.01.20
Players Name: Handicap
Archer D 37
Banks S 31
Barker P -6
Beaumont R 0
Belton C 55
Bennet C 6
Bowers N 16
Breen R -17
Bull P -3
Burford D 33
Burford S 11
Burling B 0
Calver K 27
Calver L 58
Campbell G 18
Capdeville M 8
Chapman P 11
Chapman S -1
Clarke C 10
Clarke G 27
Clarke L 15
Clarke S 16
Clenshaw A -70
Clenshaw B -4
Collins A -5
Coney C 4
Conway M 50
Cooper C 10
Corbishley M 18
Cracknell B 18
Croxford I -29
Dan Ramm 4
Duce S -20
Dyer J 46
Early M 24
Edmondson D -42
Ellett C 23
Elsom K 24
Emery C -11
Exley N 14
Fader B 35
Filocco A 0
Fox B 45
Giblin S -17
Gibson A -12
Gilder L 28
Green A -19
Green H -8
Greenhill C 25
Gregson T 27
Hadley N 17
Haley J -57
Hardie A -14
Hart S 23
Hartle T 46
Harvey S -53
Helm S 16
Hewitt S -17
Hughes R 50
Hughes T 23
Hunt S 22
Huxter H 4
Huxter R -52
Jones R 4
Keeble G -48
King A 23
Lawrance M 1
Leavers R -30
Lewis D 27
Livings R 38
Loveday R 31
Lovell B 16
Maddox D 0
Manley J -7
Manley P -32
Marshall A 9
Martin S 19
Martin T 14
McCannS 32
Middleditch T 10
Mortimer D 24
Mozejko L 10
Myall R 25
Norman L 40
Norman P 40
Parradine B 26
Parrish S 6
Parrott A 23
Parsons T 0
Patmore M 2
Patten R 39
Pearce M 37
Pegram C 21
Pegram J -57
Phillips F 25
Pinnock D 21
Placido J 23
Prentice P 11
Pridmore E -17
Richardson K 31
Ridout M -30
Rose D 18
Sanderson J -41
Saville P 4
Sawyer J 26
Sawyer T 21
Scott M 24
Selves S 10
Selvey N 4
Sewell R 45
Shoebridge A -7
Spackman D 36
Spackman R -29
Speed M 27
Stalley S 21
Starr K -3
Starr M 24
Tedman D -7
Tedman M 10
Thatcher C -21
Thompson L -8
Toelkemeier S -8
Trueman J 25
Turner S -45
Waite I 5
Ward S -9
Warren K 24
Watson G -2
Wells J -46
White M -22
Wiffen J 21
Wilkinson A -23
Willis R 17
Winter N -15
Wood D 7
Wrentmore J 29
Youell K -22