Submitting Your Match Result

Now we are back playing league snooker again in both divisions, just a reminder to all Captains that the Result Card needs to be posted by the HOME CAPTAIN on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group within 48 hours of the match taking place. We have been lenient in the first couple of matches whilst we we get back in the swing of playing etc but thereafter from 1 November in accordance with league rules, one point will be deducted from the Home team’s accrued points total to date should Results Cards not be posted in time. These are needed so the League Tables and Handicaps can be kept up to date. For those Captains who don’t use WhatsApp or don’t have access to their phone on the night of the match, any member of either the home or away team can post the results card on the WhatsApp Group or can email a pdf copy or photo to

With regards to the Results Cards, historically these used to be professionally printed for us on card and then Captains would post them each week via snail mail to the Fixtures / Results Secretary. We have now used up all of our old stock of these cards and as results are now posted via the WhatsApp Group, should you need to, copies can be printed directly from the website under the FORMS section. Click here also to print/download the Results Card.

Last 64 / Last 32 Rounds: Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles

The drawsheets for the Last 64/32 Rounds of the Handicap Singles and Last 32 Round of the Handicap Doubles are now available to view on the league website.

Please note that the Last 32 matches of the Handicap Singles and Doubles are to be arranged by 14 November 2021 and played by 28 November 2021.

Opponent contact numbers and the combined doubles handicaps can be found on the Player Contacts List in the Tournaments menu. 

Please could the winner of each match either report the result to the Tournament Secretary Stuart Turner on 07879 463089 or post on the SWDSL Results/Info WhatsApp Group within 24 hours to enable the tournament drawsheets to be updated for the next round.  Following the completion of each round, the next round will be randomly drawn.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our two tournament sponsors, Mullucks Wells and The Fleur De Lys at Widdington.

It is preferable that the home player(s) will make initial contact with the availability of their own home table giving at least three dates to their opponent(s).  Please remember that it is the responsibility of both players/doubles pairings to contact each other to arrange their matches.  

Should you encounter any issues in trying to contact your opponent then please contact Stuart Turner. 

2021/22 League Season – Fixtures & First Half Player Handicaps

The 2021/22 League Fixtures for both the Three Player Division and Four Player Division have now been finalised and uploaded to the website.  The Player Handicaps for the first half of the season have also been uploaded.

The Three Player Division commences Monday 11 October 2021.

The Four Player Division commences Wednesday 6 October 2021.

Should you have any queries with either the fixtures or handicaps then please contact the Fixtures/Results Secretary Aaron Gibson in the first instance via email

2021/22 League Season – Tournament Entry Form

Captains – Entries are now open for all tournaments for the new season, the Tournament Entry Form can be found below.  Please submit one form per league team.

Tournament Entry Fees – Handicap Singles / Handicap Doubles / Scratch Singles / Scratch Plus Singles : free for the 2021/22 League Season.

Please include a contact number for all players being entered and also ensure that your players have read and understand the Tournament Rules.

The dates for the semi-finals and finals will be confirmed prior to the first round of matches being played.  Please withdraw from the tournament prior to playing your first round if you are not available for these dates.

Deadline for receipt of entries is Sunday 10 October 2021 and the draws will take place during the following week.

Tournament Rules – Click Here To View 

Tournament Entry Form – Click Here To Enter Your Players!

REGISTER TO ATTEND : Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 6 July 2021

For those that wish to attend the Annual General Meeting of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League, due to the social restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure the safety of our members, this will be held on Zoom on Tuesday 6 July 2021 at 7.45pm.  All registered league members are invited to attend, and all teams that intend to compete next season should attend with at least one representative.

In order to join the meeting, please either click the link on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group or email your name and Team to from the email address associated with your Zoom account no later than 6pm on Tuesday 6 July 2021.  An invitation will then be sent out to you via email allowing you to join.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.  A copy of the Agenda and Minutes of the Previous AGM will be available on the website prior to the meeting commencing.

To view the AGM Agenda click here

To view the Minutes of the 2019 AGM click here

NOTICE : Annual General Meeting – Tuesday 6 July 2021

The Committee of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League hereby give notice that the Annual General Meeting will be held either on Zoom or at a League Venue (to be confirmed) on Tuesday 6 July 2021 at 7.45pm.  All registered league members are invited to attend, and all teams that intend to compete next season should send along at least one representative.  It is a compulsory requirement that a representative of any NEW teams and clubs attend so their application to join the league can be approved by the membership.

Should any member wish to submit an item for the Agenda or propose either an amendment to an existing league rule or propose a new league rule, these must be received by the League Secretary Simon Chapman no later than 28 days prior to the AGM which is Tuesday 8 June 2021.

Please send any items/proposals via email to or via the Online Form on the league website, and we will confirm receipt.

Should you wish to discuss any matters prior to them being submitted then please do not hesitate to contact either the League Secretary or any member of the Committee.

2021/22 League Season – Please Submit Your Team & Player Registration Form

All Team Captains, it’s that time of year again!

Ahead of the AGM on Tuesday 6 July 2021, the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League requires your 2021/22 Team & Player Registration Form to be submitted to us no later than Sunday 4 July 2021.  

As part of the SWDSL Restart Plan, no Team & Player registration fees or league fees shall be payable for the 2021/22 League Season to encourage as many players to pick up their cues and start playing snooker again!

The online registration form can be completed in a few minutes via the league website or the link below and automatically submits your entry to us.  In order to complete it you will need to have a mobile number and email address for each of the players that you wish to register.  Registered players will also prior to the start of the new season be added to our WhatsApp Group which many members find a useful way to keep up to date with league results and news.

Click here to complete and submit your form now!

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to contact either Peter Saville (Treasurer/Website Administrator) or Simon Chapman (League Secretary) in the first instance, many thanks.

Teams Registrations received as at 22.06.21;

Three Player Division

  • SSC Swifts
  • Dunmow Club
  • BS Golf Club
  • JPs Outlaws
  • JPs Bounty Hunters
  • Stansted Social Club
  • Whittlesford Wonders
  • SSC Spiders
  • Newport Club

Four Player Division

  • Takeley Chipmunks
  • SSC Ex Cons
  • Newport C
  • Widdington Warriors
  • SSC Flukes
  • Newport A

UPDATE: SWDSL Restart Plan


As we continue to see good progress with the COVID vaccination programme and the Government’s roadmap to ease restrictions, a Committee Meeting over Zoom was held earlier this month to discuss where the league may be as soon as social contact restrictions are completely lifted which is currently on track for being no earlier than 21 June 2021.

Following discussions, it was unanimously agreed to not restart the 2019/20 league season due to the fact that play was suspended in March 2020 some 13 months ago, not all league venues will be operational in June/July to enable snooker to be played if there was an appetite by league players to do so, and arranging/playing snooker in the summer months can be difficult with holidays etc. It was therefore concluded that it was in the best interests of the league for a line to be drawn under the suspended season and to plan for a new season to start in September 2021.

It was also proposed by the Treasurer (Peter Saville) that although the Committee had fulfilled the majority of their duties for the 2019/20 season, that it would not be appropriate for the League Officers to be offered an honorarium this season. This was unanimously agreed.

The Treasurer also proposed that given the fact that for the 2019/20 league season no trophies had been purchased (the single largest expenditure each season), no honorariums are being offered and the league had not incurred the cost of the Finals / Trophy Presentation Evening, that no league or tournament fees* should be charged for the new 2021/22 season. This was unanimously agreed. *An entry fee will be charged for specific tournaments where there is a cash prize fund, i.e. President’s Cup etc. It is hoped that this decision will encourage as many league players as possible to register for the new league season and start playing again.

In order to continue to move the league forward, the Committee will meet as and when is necessary and an AGM is provisionally to be held on Tuesday 6 July 2021, further details to be confirmed. Prior to the AGM, the Committee will send out Team & Player Registration Forms as is usual towards the end of May.

We trust that the league members will fully support the decisions made by the Committee and we look forward to starting the new season in September with as many of you as possible.

Many thanks,
Peter Saville
For and on behalf of the SWDSL Committee

Temporary Suspension of SWDSL Activities

The Committee of the SWDSL have given the matter due consideration and decided that it is in the best interests of all members to suspend all league/tournament activities with immediate effect with the current COVID-19 situation starting to affect our day-to-day lives.

We appreciate that over the next few weeks and months some league members and their families may have to self-isolate and playing snooker will not be high on their list of priorities.

We will give at least 7 days notice for the restart and the fixtures and tournament dates will be updated.  If you have already arranged to play in a tournament quarter final and wish to continue with your match then that will be your choice/risk to do so.

This has not been an easy decision for us to take and appreciate that not all of you will be in agreement with this decision but the well-being of our members must come first and the disruption to the league fixtures/tournaments will be dealt with down the line as and when the whole picture becomes clearer to us all.

More updates to follow as and when appropriate.

Many thanks,
Peter Saville
For and on behalf of the SWDSL Committee

Quarter Finals Round – All Tournaments

The drawsheets for the Quarter Finals Round of the Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Singles, Scratch Plus Singles and John Webb Plate are now updated on the league website.  Please note that all matches are to be arranged by 14 March 2020 and played by 28 March 2020.

Please could the winner of each match report the result directly to the Tournament Secretary Stuart Turner or post on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group within 24 hours to enable the tournament drawsheets to be updated for the next round.

Should you encounter any issues in trying to contact your opponent then please contact Stuart Turner on 07879-463089.