2016/17 League Season – Three Player/Four Player Fixtures and Handicaps

The 2016/17 League Fixtures for both the Three Player Division and Four Player Division have now been finalised and uploaded to the league website.  The Player Handicaps for the first half of the season will be uploaded shortly.

Should you have any queries with either the fixtures or handicaps then please contact the Fixtures/Results Secretary Cathy O’Neill in the first instance.

2014/15 League Season – Second Half Handicaps Player Amendments

Please could all Captains / Vice Captains note that a few minor errors have been discovered in the A-Z handicaps list dated 3 January 2015.  Accordingly, please see below revised handicaps for the following players, these changes will be included within the A-Z handicaps list in the next few days.
**Update – the revised list is uploaded and dated 5 January 2015**

S Parradine +9
S Chapman +7
J Fanthorpe +25
R Leavers -29
J Sawyer +36
D Fitzwilliam +13
L Coville +48

2014-15 League Season – Second Half Handicaps / First Half Hot Shots

The Player Handicaps for the Second Half of the 2014/15 League Season are now available to view as are the First Half Hot Shots.  Congratulations to Em Simmons [Saffron Snooker Cavaliers] in winning the First Half Hots Shots with an 86% win ratio [12 out of 14 frames].

Second Half Handicaps – Click here to view

First Half Hot Shots – Click here to view

Should you have any queries regarding player handicaps then please do not hesitate to contact either Cathy O’Neill or Adam Ingram.