**3 Places Left** 2020 President’s Cup Tournament – Sunday 2 February 2020

The 2020 President’s Cup, sponsored by Refurb & Development Ltd will be held on Sunday 2 February 2020 at JP’s Snooker & Pool ClubRegistration is by payment in advance by Sunday 26 January 2020 of the £5 entry fee which includes your table light all day.

The draw for the tournament will be made in advance of the day and the first round of matches will take part on a staggered start basis.  Players will be advised in advance of the approximate time that they need to arrive at JP’s.  The initial 5 matches will start at 9.30am.  All rounds of the tournament are best of three frames including the final.   All matches are to be played off of second half league handicaps.

In accordance with League Rule 27, in order for a player to be eligible to enter and play in the President’s Cup Tournament, they must have played in a minimum of either 3 league or cup matches in the first half of the season.

The Prize Fund will be as follows;
Winner: £80 + a pair of Afternoon / Evening session tickets to the 2021 Masters Snooker Tournament* 
Runner Up: £40 
Losing Semi-Finalists: £10 
Losing Quarter-Finalists: £5 

Entry will be limited to 32 players on a first come, first paid in advance basis.  Entries open on Saturday 4 January 2020 at 10am and will close on midnight on Sunday 26 January 2020.  No entries will be accepted either before or after the above dates and any invalid entry monies received will be refunded.  Should we receive more than 32 entrants, we will add the names to the reserve list and contact players in order prior to the day should anyone who has paid drop out.  If your entry is surplus to the 32 confirmed entrants following the draw being undertaken your £5 will be refunded.  In all other circumstances entry fees are non-refundable. 

Venue: JP’s Snooker & Pool Club
Date: Sunday 2 February 2020
Club opens from: 9.00am
First 5 matches start: 9.30am
Matches 6-10 start approx: 10.30am, players to arrive by 10.00am in case previous matches complete early
Matches 11-16 onwards start approx: 11.30am, players to arrive by 11.00am ditto above

Due to the tournament being limited to 32 entrants, entries must be made in advance of the day.  You can secure your place by paying the £5 entry fee click here via Paypal payment processing.  Please use your name as the payment reference.

The Treasurer will also accept payment to the league bank account, please contact Peter Saville for further details.

You can pay for 1 other player only at the time of your own entry – please email swdsl@live.co.uk to let us know who you have paid for.

Please remember all entries are only secured once payment has been received.  A list of entrants will be added this webpage below as entries are received.

Don’t miss out, click here to reserve your place and pay via PayPal, remember entries close at midnight on Sunday 26 January 2020.

It would be appreciated if all clubs and team captains could encourage as many of their players to enter and help make this year another successful tournament.

*Masters Tickets are offered subject to World Snooker Early Bird ticket availability and reasonable pricing, otherwise an equivalent sum will be given to winner in line with the cost of previous years tickets in addition to the £80 prize money.   

Refurb & Development Ltd
Contact: Nick Selvey 07802 796567 / email: refurbanddevelopment@googlemail.com

Confirmed Paid Entries;
1.    Aaron Gibson
2.    Phil Chapman
3.    Stewart Hart
4.    Andrew Green
5.    Richard Breen
6.    Leon Mozejko
7.    Chris Coney
8.    Stuart Turner
9.    Rob Jones
10.  Michael Earley
11.  Peter Barker
12.  Simon Giblin
13.  Jamie Sanderson
14.  Tony Filocco
15.  Peter Saville
16.  Dan Ramm
17.  Sam Duce
18.  Bill Clenshaw
19.  Keith Youell
20.  Steve Toelkemeier
21.  Simon Chapman
22. Colin Pegram
23. Alex Clenshaw
24. Jack Hayley
25. Ian Waite
26. Carl Cooper
27. Spencer Hewitt
28. Andy Collins
29. Austin Wilkinson

Reserve List;

2019/20 League Season – 2nd Half Player Handicaps

All player handicaps for the 2nd half of the 2019/20 league season have been updated to reflect the results of the first half of the season up to and including league cup weeks prior to the Christmas break.  Should you have any queries regarding your revised handicap then please email Aaron Gibson via swdsl@live.co.uk in the first instance.

SWDSL 2019/20 Handicaps as at 03.01.20
Players Name: Handicap
Archer D 37
Banks S 31
Barker P -6
Beaumont R 0
Belton C 55
Bennet C 6
Bowers N 16
Breen R -17
Bull P -3
Burford D 33
Burford S 11
Burling B 0
Calver K 27
Calver L 58
Campbell G 18
Capdeville M 8
Chapman P 11
Chapman S -1
Clarke C 10
Clarke G 27
Clarke L 15
Clarke S 16
Clenshaw A -70
Clenshaw B -4
Collins A -5
Coney C 4
Conway M 50
Cooper C 10
Corbishley M 18
Cracknell B 18
Croxford I -29
Dan Ramm 4
Duce S -20
Dyer J 46
Early M 24
Edmondson D -42
Ellett C 23
Elsom K 24
Emery C -11
Exley N 14
Fader B 35
Filocco A 0
Fox B 45
Giblin S -17
Gibson A -12
Gilder L 28
Green A -19
Green H -8
Greenhill C 25
Gregson T 27
Hadley N 17
Haley J -57
Hardie A -14
Hart S 23
Hartle T 46
Harvey S -53
Helm S 16
Hewitt S -17
Hughes R 50
Hughes T 23
Hunt S 22
Huxter H 4
Huxter R -52
Jones R 4
Keeble G -48
King A 23
Lawrance M 1
Leavers R -30
Lewis D 27
Livings R 38
Loveday R 31
Lovell B 16
Maddox D 0
Manley J -7
Manley P -32
Marshall A 9
Martin S 19
Martin T 14
McCannS 32
Middleditch T 10
Mortimer D 24
Mozejko L 10
Myall R 25
Norman L 40
Norman P 40
Parradine B 26
Parrish S 6
Parrott A 23
Parsons T 0
Patmore M 2
Patten R 39
Pearce M 37
Pegram C 21
Pegram J -57
Phillips F 25
Pinnock D 21
Placido J 23
Prentice P 11
Pridmore E -17
Richardson K 31
Ridout M -30
Rose D 18
Sanderson J -41
Saville P 4
Sawyer J 26
Sawyer T 21
Scott M 24
Selves S 10
Selvey N 4
Sewell R 45
Shoebridge A -7
Spackman D 36
Spackman R -29
Speed M 27
Stalley S 21
Starr K -3
Starr M 24
Tedman D -7
Tedman M 10
Thatcher C -21
Thompson L -8
Toelkemeier S -8
Trueman J 25
Turner S -45
Waite I 5
Ward S -9
Warren K 24
Watson G -2
Wells J -46
White M -22
Wiffen J 21
Wilkinson A -23
Willis R 17
Winter N -15
Wood D 7
Wrentmore J 29
Youell K -22

Last 32 Round: Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles

The updated drawsheet for the Last 32 Round of the Handicap Singles is now available to view on the league website.  The Last 32 Round of the Handicap Doubles is also on the website.

Please note that all matches are to be arranged by 14 November 2019 and played by 28 November 2019.  

Opponent contact numbers can be found on the Player Contacts List in the Tournaments menu.

Please could the winner of each match either report the result to the Tournament Secretary Stuart Turner on 07879 463089 or post on the SWDSL Results/Info WhatsApp Group within 24 hours to enable the tournament drawsheets to be updated for the next round.  In a change to previous seasons, following the completion of each round, the next round will be randomly drawn.

Should you encounter any issues in trying to contact your opponent then please contact Stuart Turner.  Please remember that it is the responsibility of both players to contact each other.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our two tournament sponsors, Mullucks Wells and The Fleur De Lys at Widdington.

League Cup – Last 32 Round [w/c 9 Dec ’19] and Last 16 Round [w/c 16 Dec ’19]

The League Cup Drawsheet for the Last 32 Round is online and all matches are to be played during w/c 9 December 2019.  All matches are to be played on the home team’s usual home league night and must be played during the scheduled league cup week or the team cancelling will forfeit the match.  The Last 16 Round will be played w/c 16 December 2019.  The drawsheet will be updated after the Last 32 Round.

Please could all home Captains remember to post the match result card on the SWDSL WhatsApp Group.

To view the drawsheet click here.

To help with the busy run up to the Christmas break, for those league teams that are already through to the last 16 round of the league cup and know their opponent team, by agreement of both Captains your match can be played the week before during the last 32 round as this is a free week for you.  Please let Stuart Turner know if you do arrange to play your match early, thanks.

2019/20 League Season – Captains / Vice Captains Contact List Incl. Team By Team List Of Registered Players

The website has been updated to include a list of players that are currently registered for each team together with contact numbers for each Captain and Vice Captain.  The list can be found in the drop down menu of the 2019/20 League Season.  It is password protected, should you require the current password please ask a member of the Committee or email swdsl@live.co.uk.

The contact list for those players that have entered the various tournaments is detailed in the Tournaments drop down menu.

Should you find an anomalies with the player registrations or contact numbers detailed then again please let us know via email.