Snooker Coaching

Some people are under the misinterpretation that only beginners have coaching in sport…this is not the case. In the amateur and professional sports world, the majority of sportsmen and women have regular coaching to hone their technique and to improve their consistency. Snooker is no different and many top professionals however good they may be turn to coaching periodically to ensure their technique and approach is as it should be and that no bad habits have started to creep in.

We are very fortunate in our snooker league to have two league players who are also independent qualified snooker coaches who are ideally geographically based to cover our league area.;

Andrew Green (Dunmow Club) is a World Snooker Lead Coach and has a purpose built private coaching facility at Great Canfield Nr Takeley.  Andrew can also offer video analysis during coaching sessions and further information can be found on his website

Russell Huxter (Saffron Snooker Cavaliers) is both an EASB and IBSF Qualified Snooker Coach and is based at Saffron Snooker Club in Saffron Walden.

Both coaches are currently having excellent success with encouraging juniors to take up and play snooker.

For league players of all standards, what are the benefits of snooker coaching?

* understand the basics of a technically correct and reliable cue action
* correct bad habits that may have crept in over time
* learn how to address the cue ball (stance) to achieve a consistently higher potting/safety success rate
* develop a more robust and solid cue action
* learn how to recognise the correct potting angles
* learn how to improve break building through correct shot selection
* gain access to advanced practice routines
* learn how to use side spin, screw, top spin and stun effectively to achieve advanced positional play
* when things aren’t going to plan, recognise what you may be doing wrong
* in pressure situations, learn how to play the percentages to close out frames and matches
* play better snooker (win more frames and potentially tournaments) and enjoy the sport more
* in short, fully achieve your snooker playing potential

Another myth is that coaching is very expensive…again not true. Coaching packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs, from a one off lesson to a block. For the man (or woman) that has everything and can’t think of what they might want for Christmas or Birthday, why not go for something different and ask for a Gift Voucher for Snooker Coaching.

By having some coaching what have you got to lose apart from potentially becoming more consistent, improving your match play, winning more frames and more importantly enjoying the game more!

For more information and to chat through your individual requirements, Andrew Green can be contacted on mobile no. 07731 626076 and Russell Huxter on mobile no. 07970 788631.

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