Saffron Walden Challenge Tournament – Sunday 23 February 2014

The 2014 Saffron Walden Challenge Snooker Tournament, once again kindly sponsored by Bushwood Accountants will take place at the Cambridge Snooker & Pool Centre, Coldhams Road, Cambridge, CB13EW, on Sunday 23 February 2014.  The Club will be open from 10.30am to enable a prompt start at 11.00am.

The leagues invited to attend are Cambridge, Braintree, Chelmsford, Milton Keynes, South Beds, South East Essex (Vic Harris) and defending champions Norwich. 

The players representing the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League are Adam Ingram (Captain), Russell Huxter and Darren Edmonston.

For any queries concerning this tournament, please contact the Tournament Secretary, Mr Adam Ingram on 07901-723360.

The rules of the tournament are below;


1. The tournament shall consist of eight teams playing on a ‘Round Robin’ basis throughout the day. Each team shall consist of three players, with each playing two frames against the same ranked player of each of the opposing teams. No reserve players allowed.

2. The winner will be decided on the total number of frames won, with each frame being worth one point. In the event of a two-way tie, the winner will be decided on count back between the teams concerned from the round robin stage. If the teams drew in that stage a single (sudden death) frame will be played, and the captains will decide the player to represent their league. In the event of more than two teams in the tie, the same process will take place.

3. The Saffron Walden Challenge Cup will be played for annually at a venue selected by the Committee of the SWDSL. Any proposals for rule changes will be considered by the Saffron Walden and District League Committee following the tournament and will be incorporated where deemed appropriate.

4. An entry fee of £45.00 per team will go towards trophies for the winners and runners-up, and is payable on acceptance of the invitation. There will also be prize money available. It will be appreciated if teams can also supply a referee to assist with the running of the tournament.

5 Teams should register half an hour before the tournament is scheduled to commence, i.e. by 10.30am.

6 Standard rules of dress will apply; (no collarless shirts, jeans, trainers, track suits or t-shirts). The dress code will be strictly enforced, and any player wearing such items will not be allowed to participate. This may result in your league only having two players on the day, a dress code inspection will take place before the first matches of the day by the Tournament Director, after complaints in previous tournaments.

7 Players must be registered for the league that they represent and have played in at least one league or tournament match during the season, this may include internal competitions for that league. Professional players will not be allowed to participate in the tournament, a professional is someone on the World Snooker Main Tour.

8 Captains shall write down the order of play for their teams on registration on the day and hand them to the Tournament Director who will enter them on the match sheet. Once established, the order of play shall remain the same for each round. Players should be ranked by the order of their ability, i.e. strongest player at number 1.

2013-14 League Season – High Break Leaderboard [5 January 2014]

All recorded breaks over 25 in Three Player/Four Player league matches, League Cup, Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Plus Singles, Scratch Singles, President’s Cup, Saffron Walden Challenge and Bishop’s Stortford Challenge tournaments.

To have your break added to this list, please visit the league website, click the ‘Submit Results’ link and submit the form.

A Ingram 86, 76, 72, 62, 54, 52, 47, 41
J Jones 51, 41, 32
S Hewitt 46, 34, 28
A Green 46
R Leavers 45, 37
R Selby 38, 28
C Houston 34
A Gibson 33
M Patmore 42, 38, 32
L Hooker 30
S Duce 30
P Saville 27
D Wood 25

An Interview With…..Jonathan Wells

As a new feature to run throughout this and future league seasons, the Committee will be selecting a cross section of league players each month and asking for their answers to various questions that have been put together.  We hope that you will enjoy reading the answers to the questions posed!  If you would like to volunteer to participate, please email us at and we will add you to our interview list.  Many thanks!

The first league player in the hot seat is Jonathan Wells of Sawbridgeworth USC Bandits.

> 1- how many years have you been in the league?  25/26 yrs 

> 2-how many clubs/teams have you played for?  4 that i can remember

> 3-do you have a snooker nickname,& if so what is it?  The ‘Outlaw’

> 4-what is your favorite current league venue?  Sawbridgeworth

> 5-what is your favourite venue no longer in the league?  Stansted Airport

> 6-what do you think was/is the leagues best era, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or 2000 onwards?  80’s

> 7-what is your greatest league achievement?  Winning league high break 8 times during 90s

> 8-who is your favourite professional player?  Stephen player ever to pick up cue

> 9-who do you think is the greatest player in league history?  Dave Duce

> 10-who has been your toughest opponent over the years?  Adam Ingram

> 11-what is your highest practise break?  138

> 12-what is your highest competitive break?  121

> 13-if you could win a trophy this season which would it be & why?  Scratch Singles…to many poor defeats over the years

> 14-if you could take a part of another league players game what would it be and from whom?  Thinking back to an ex player..Stuart Walkers long game/potting was excellent, i could do with that now!!

> 15-have you played against a professional and if so who? And how did you get on?  Peter Ebdon, Joe Perry, Stuart Bingham, Mike Hallet…  Have had a victory over joe and Stuart, albeit with a 21 start!!  Lost to others!!

SWDSL Newsletter – January 2014

Dear League Member,

The Committee wish you all a very Happy New Year.  January is a busy month for the league so we shall try and keep this Newsletter as brief as possible!

Second Half of the League Season and Updated Handicaps
The Four Player Division recommences w/c Monday 6 January 2014 with the Three Player Division w/c Monday 13 January 2014.  The Updated Handicaps List is now online and we ask that all team captains ensure that a copy is displayed in their Club and that their own players are aware of their new handicap.

At the half way stage, BSSC B currently lead the Three Player Division on 51 points, 6 points ahead of Saffron Snooker Pockets B who are in second place on 45 points and Sawbridgeworth USC Bandits in third place on 43 points.  Legion Tornados and Saffron Snooker Spiders are also both on 43 points.  The Three Player Division High Break is currently 86 by Adam Ingram.

In the Four Player Division, Saffron Snooker Flukes have regained top spot from Sawston Jets (due to more matches won) who are both on 32 points.  Both teams are closely followed by Widdington Warriors on 31 points and Newport A on 29 points.  The Four Player Division High Break is currently 51 by Jeremy Jones.

President’s Cup – Sunday 26 January 2014
The President’s Cup will be held on Sunday 26 January 2014 at Saffron Snooker Club.  Registration is from 10.30am with the draw taking place at 11.00am sharp. 
The entry fee as previous seasons is £10 which includes your table light all day, and also includes a free entry into the Plate Tournament for the First Round losers.  All rounds of the main tournament are best of three frames, with the Plate being one frame throughout including the final.

The event is once again being kindly sponsored by Bullet Brickwork (UK) Ltd.  Prize money and trophies are available and a raffle will also be held on the day. 

If any members or clubs would like to donate a prize for the raffle then please feel free to bring along or hand to Peter Saville prior to the day, all will be very much appreciated.

Please text Adam Ingram on 07901-723360 prior to the day to reserve your place.

Scratch Singles and Scratch Plus Singles – Last 32 Round
The Last 32 Round of the Scratch Singles and Scratch Plus Singles is now open and all matches are to be played by Monday 27 January 2014.  The drawsheets and contact lists are available to view on the league website.  As with the Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles, it is the responsibility of both players to contact each other to arrange the match, with the home player to offer 3 dates when the home table is available.  If the home table isn’t available, then the home player can offer a neutral venue but for the purposes of the tournament remains as the home player.  For those players already through to the Last 16 Round of the Scratch Singles, these matches can be played between now and Friday 28 February 2014, a revised drawsheet will be issued however following the completion of the Last 32 Round at the end of January.

Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles – Last 16 Round
The Last 16 Round of the Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles is also now open and all matches are to be played by Friday 28 February 2014.

Should you have any queries regarding the above League Tournaments then please do not hesitate to contact the Tournament Secretary Adam Ingram.

Yours in sport,

The Committee

SWDSL Historical Roll of Honour up to and including the 2012/13 League Season

The SWDSL Historical Roll of Honour has been updated to include all league and tournament data currently available up to and including the 2012/13 League Season.  Should anyone be able to fill in any of the gaps or if any data appears incorrect, then please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary/Treasurer Peter Saville via email,  Many thanks.

SWDSL Newsletter – December 2013

Dear League Member,

The Last 32 Round of the Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles is now open.  All matches must be arranged no later than 23 December 2013 and be played by 30 December 2013.  Please see the league website for the updated drawsheets.  The contact list is also on the league website.

In a change to previous seasons, the Last 32 and Last 16 Rounds of the League Cup will be played during week commencing 9 December 2013 and 16 December 2013 respectively.  Please refer to the League Cup drawsheet on the league website to see when your team has a match.  Don’t forget that League Cup matches cannot be cancelled under any circumstances, if you are unable to field a team of sufficient players (minimum of 3) then you will forfeit the match.  Matches are to be played on the usual home league night of the home team.

Entries for the Scratch Singles and Scratch Plus Singles are still being taken and will remain open until 30 December 2013.  If you haven’t already entered you can enter by text to the Tournament Secretary, Adam Ingram on 07901-723360.  Please see league website for entry conditions.  The first round of each tournament will start in January.

Finally, with this week being the last playing week for both divisions before the Christmas Break, please ensure that your Results Cards are posted promptly to Cathy O’Neill so she can start calculating the Handicaps for the second half of the season.  Please also ensure that any postponed matches that are outstanding are also played promptly.  Thank you!

Don’t forget that you can subscribe to our Online Newsletter, ‘SWDSL News & Views’ and receive an email notification of new posts as they are published.  For more information please visit

Yours in sport,
The Committee

Scratch Plus Singles and Scratch Singles – Last Chance To Enter!

With the first rounds of the Scratch Plus Singles and Scratch Singles not due to commence until January 2014, the deadline for entries has been extended until Monday 30 December 2013.

Should you wish to play in either or both of these tournaments, please confirm your entry via text to Adam Ingram or via email to the league email address

Entry fee is £2.00 per player and all rounds are best of five frames, apart from the Scratch Final which is best of seven frames.

The conditions of entry and rules for both tournaments are detailed on the Tournament Entry Form previously posted on the league website.

Memorial Cup Tournament – Sunday 24 November 2013

Please see Memorial Cup Poster attached for details.  To make it fair, the tournament will be based upon league handicaps.  If you could confirm your entry via text to Adam Ingram prior to the day it would be appreciated so we can have an idea of likely numbers.

Please come along and show your support…this tournament is held to remember all those players that are sadly no longer with us and don’t forget that all proceeds are to be donated to charity.Image