2014/15 League Season – New Rule Changes

At the Annual General Meeting held at Saffron Bowls Club on Tuesday 24 June 2014, the following rule changes were agreed by the league members present.  These rule changes have been incorporated into the SWDSL League Constitution, General Rules and Handicaps Document dated 1 July 2014, a copy of which can be found on the league website in the ‘Rules & Reffing’ section, League Rules.

  1. Amendment to Rule 10 – ADD ‘One point shall be deducted from the Home team’s accrued points total to date should the league not be notified of a league match result within 48 hours of the match taking place. Notification shall be made via text message to Adam Ingram/Cathy O’Neill, email to swdsl@live.co.uk or the website results form.’
  1. Amendment to Rule 12 – ADD ‘A league match may be re-arranged and played without penalty if it is played either prior to the date scheduled in the fixtures, or during the same playing week as detailed in the fixtures provided it is played either on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening.’
  1. Amendment to Rule 27 –‘ ADD ‘In order for a player to be eligible to enter and play in the Scratch Plus Singles or President’s Cup Tournament’s, they must have played in a minimum of either 3 league or cup matches in the first half of the season.’

In accordance with league rules, please remember that all clubs must display a copy of the current SWDSL League Constitution, General Rules and Handicaps Document.  If all Captains could take the lead in ensuring that a copy is displayed it would be appreciated and help to alleviate any rule queries on match nights.

We trust that the above changes are self-explanatory, however should you require any further clarification then please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary Shaun Hunt or email us at swdsl@live.co.uk.