2013-14 League Season – High Break Leaderboard [5 January 2014]

All recorded breaks over 25 in Three Player/Four Player league matches, League Cup, Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Plus Singles, Scratch Singles, President’s Cup, Saffron Walden Challenge and Bishop’s Stortford Challenge tournaments.

To have your break added to this list, please visit the league website, click the ‘Submit Results’ link and submit the form.

A Ingram 86, 76, 72, 62, 54, 52, 47, 41
J Jones 51, 41, 32
S Hewitt 46, 34, 28
A Green 46
R Leavers 45, 37
R Selby 38, 28
C Houston 34
A Gibson 33
M Patmore 42, 38, 32
L Hooker 30
S Duce 30
P Saville 27
D Wood 25

High Break Leaderboard – Submit Your Breaks Over 25 Online!

Due to some league results cards being received 3-4 weeks after league matches have been played, it has become very difficult in the first half of the season for us to build an accurate and up to date High Break Leaderboard for all breaks that have been made over 25.

As a combined list for all breaks made during the season is an important part of the league information for players to look at online, we would kindly ask if all league players that make a break over 25 in either a league match, Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Singles, Scratch Plus Singles would complete the online form on the league website so that we are not waiting for the results cards to arrive in the post before being able to update the list.  With you co-operation, the High Break Leaderboard can be updated each week on the league website.  The form will literally take you 30 seconds to complete and it is automatically sent through to the league email address.

To complete and submit the form, please visit the league website, http://www.swdsl.co.uk and click on the link Submit Match Results.

Many thanks.