League Cup – Semi Final Round [to be played w/c Monday 5 May 2014]

The draw for the League Cup Semi Finals is detailed below, all spectators are welcome to come along and watch these matches unfold. The format remains as previous rounds, 4 players playing 1 frame each and if it is 2-2 after the 4 frames, then each team captain nominates one of their players to play a sudden death play off frame for a place in the final.

As these matches are being played at a neutral venue, no team has home advantage or the advantage of choosing who plays who, so at the start of the match, each team should write down their order 1,2,3,4 on a separate piece of paper and then turn them over and the referee should then write out the match card.

Tuesday 6 May 2014 – Saffron Flukes 0-3 Dunmow Club at Whittlesford Club

Wednesday 7 May 2014 – Saffron Cavaliers 3-1 BSSC B at Takeley Social Club

League Cup – Quarter Final Round [to be played w/c Monday 28 April 2014]

Just a reminder to those teams that are still in the League Cup that the Quarter Final Round commences next week, w/c Monday 28 April 2014.  All matches are to be played on the home teams usual league night.  League cup matches cannot be cancelled but can be re-arranged to be played earlier than the due date if necessary with the agreement of both captains.  Please see the league rules for further information.

To view the drawsheet please click here.

Quarter Final Results updated 1 May 2014;
Newport Wanderers 1-3 Saffron Flukes
Widdington Warriors 0-4 Dunmow Club
Snooker Cavaliers 3-0 Saffron Pockets B
Sawston 2-3 BSSC B