Memorial Cup Format – Your Vote Please

Dear League Member,

In recent seasons the Memorial Cup hasn’t been very well supported, and last year it had to be cancelled altogether due to the lack of teams entering.  Given the importance of this tournament and what it stands for, to remember past snooker players who are sadly no longer with us, the Committee were asked at the AGM in June this year to review alternative options and to request members vote on their preference in a bid to reinvorgate interest. The format of the Memorial Cup has always been a 3 Man Team playing round robin in groups, with the winners of each group qualifying for the knockout stage.

Accordingly, we would be grateful to receive your vote via the league email address with your preferred option from the following, no later than Friday 20th September 2013.  The League Secretary, Peter Saville will collate all responses for discussion at the next Committee Meeting when a format will be agreed by the Committee.  For your diary, the Memorial Cup is scheduled to take place at Saffron Snooker Club on Sunday 24th November 2013.

1.  3 Man Team (current format)
2.  Scotch Doubles (like normal doubles but players take alternate shots, ie if one pots a red, the other is then on a colour)
3.  Pairs (2 players pair up and each play one frame of singles against another pair. the winning pair has the highest accumulated score from the two frames)
4.  Captain’s Cup (handicap singles tournament for team captains only)

We look forward to receiving your vote at your earliest opportunity.  If you have any questions regarding the above options then please do not hesitate to contact Peter Saville.

This is your opportunity to have a say in the way your tournaments are run, please use your vote!

Yours in sport,
The Committee