Miss Rule Clarification – Snookers Required

Following a recent Miss Rule debate at Saffron Snooker Club during a league match, please find below an extract from the current World Snooker Rules which gives clarification of calling a ‘foul and a miss’.  A miss shall not be called where as a result of the foul being committed the player then requires snookers, or already requires snookers prior to committing the foul.

14. Foul and a Miss
(a) The striker shall, to the best of his ability, endeavour to hit the ball on or a
ball that could be on after a Red has been potted. If the referee considers
the Rule infringed, he shall call FOUL AND A MISS unless:
(i) any player needed penalty points before, or as a result of, the stroke
being played;
(ii) before or after the stroke, the points available on the table are equal
to the points difference excluding the value of the re-spotted black;
and the referee is satisfied that the miss was not intentional.
(iii) a situation exists where it is impossible to hit the ball on.

In addition, please could all players also remember this important part of the snooker etiquette during all league matches;

As a player taking part in the match but not in a particular frame, or as a watching spectator ;
– do not offer shot advice (coaching) during a frame to either player
do not get involved with refereeing decisions/scoring mishaps unless your advice is requested by the referee


EASB Guide To The Miss Rule For Local League Application


THE MISS RULE  –  A SUMMARY for Local League Application

Author – Dan Lewis – EASB Director of Referees

A         A Miss shall be called, if, in the opinion of the ‘Referee’, the Striker has not made a genuine attempt to hit the ball on (or any ball that could be on). To judge this, use the criteria of whether you, as a player of similar ability, could (would expect to) do better. Hitting the intervening ball by playing a swerve shot should always result in a Miss being called, missing after playing a swerve shot is a judgement call.

B          If the Striker can see any part of any ball on (in a straight line), and fails to make first contact with a ball on, a Miss shall be called.

N.B.    For either A or B above, a Miss shall not be called if the difference in scores is equal to the value of the balls available or penalty points are required (by either player)- either before or as a result of the offending shot.

C         Should the Striker be able to see any Ball on “full ball” (not both edges but centre to centre contact) and fails to make first contact with a Ball on, a Miss shall be called (unless on the first occasion the above note applies).

If a Miss is called and accepted, the balls are replaced and the Striker plays again. If the foul shot is repeated, again a Miss shall be called (this time regardless of the difference in scores, as a count has already commenced).

Should the non-Striker request that the shot be replayed after the 2nd foul, the Referee shall warn the Striker that a third consecutive offence will result in the Frame being awarded to his opponent. Where points are recorded as part of the match, etc., the total number of points available at this time shall be added to the non-offenders score and the offenders score shall be reduced to zero.

1          The Miss rule is a rule of Snooker and must be adhered to at all times but should be played with common sense and due consideration for the striker’s ability.

2          In the best traditions of Snooker, a player should call a Foul on himself for any accidental touching of a ball or similar offence.

3          The Referee should consult both players about the replacing of balls after a Miss has been called, after which the Referees decision will be final – if either player touches a ball during this process, that player will be penalised 7 points but the order of play is not changed (the striker remains the striker).

4          Players refereeing matches should be vigilant at all times and should first ascertain whether a ball can be seen, prior to the next shot, where a possible rule infringement may result from that shot.

Revised August 2014 – version 4