Memorial Cup: Tournament Report – Marshall 2-0 Braybrooke

The Memorial Cup took place at Saffron Snooker Club on 29 November 2015.  The tournament is held annually to remember league players that are sadly no longer with us.

With 19 league players present this year’s tournament was played in the same format as last year.  Round robin handicapped singles, players split into two groups, time limit of 30 minutes for each round.  The top two from each group progressing into the semi finals.

Group A was heavily contested with three players tied on 6 frames (Tom Sawyer, Rob Spackman & John Manley).  On head to head results Tom Sawyer progressed to the semi finals as group winner and Rob Spackman as group runner up.

Andy Marshall progressed as winner of group B with a game to spare.  The runner up position was wide open with three player’s level on 5 frames going into the final round. Michael (Spike) Braybrooke & Martin Capdeville finished level with 6 frames each.  Spike Braybrooke progressed to the semi finals as group runner up.

The semi finals best of three frames (without time limit):

SF1: Tom Sawyer +20 v Spike Braybrooke +16

SF2: Rob Spackman -29 v Andy Marshall +5

Tom who had progressed well after a poor start in his group had no answers for Spike who won the match 2-0 to reach the final.  The other semi final went to a final frame.  After being a frame down Andy Marshall knocked in the highest break of the day (49) to level the match at 1-1.  The third frame looked to be Andy’s but after an unfortunate in-off when playing the black and subsequent free ball Rob seemed to have a chance.  A nervy end pursued with both players having chances to win the match.  But with a nice pot on the final pink Andy progressed to the final to play Spike.

Final: Spike Braybrooke +16 vs Andy Marshall +5.  With both players showing good form this looked to be a good matchup, but Andy had the upper hand throughout winning 2-0.  Well deserved title for Andy Marshall after playing very well all day.

Tickets for next year’s Masters Snooker championship were auctioned, donated by the league. Many thanks to Paul Capdeville’s winning bid of £50.00 to be donated to East Anglia Air Ambulance.

The league committee would like thank the players present for supporting the tournament, Saffron Snooker Club for hosting the event and providing tables of the highest quality, and finally to Dan Lewis, Simon Chapman and Phil Chapman for running the tournament.

2015 Memorial Cup Winner – Andy Marshall

Runner-Up – Michael (Spike) Braybrooke 

High break – Andy Marshall (49)