Halls & Westwood Storm To Memorial Cup Victory In Final Round Thriller

Sunday 24 November 2013 saw the Memorial Cup Tournament held at Saffron Snooker Club with a new and exciting format, Scotch Doubles.

With 16 entrants on the day, the 8 doubles pairings played 7 round robin matches of one frame, with the winner of the group taking the title.  To ensure the rounds flowed, all frames started at the same time and a 30 minute time limit was put on each frame which added to the tension as the minutes ticked by towards the end of each round.  Normal doubles handicaps were used for each pairing but due to the reduced potential scoring ability of the format they were halved which gave everyone a fair chance of competing on a level playing field.

Going into the final round, Halls & Westwood had 5 points, closely followed by Saville & Turner, Rule & Gibson and Spackman & Cooper all on 4 points.  With the final round already pre-drawn at the start of the day, Saville & Turner played Rule & Gibson for a potential 5 points total hoping that Halls & Westwood lost their final round, but in a twist, they were playing Spackman & Cooper who were also on contention for the title.  In a potential winner takes all for Halls & Westwood or face a three way play off, they continued the consistent form shown throughout the day and pulled another frame win out the bag storming to victory over Spackman & Cooper and took the title winning 6 out of 7 frames during the tournament.  Rule & Gibson finished runners up with 5 points by beating Saville & Turner in the final round.

The high break prize went to Saville & Turner who clicked into gear with an excellent 37, no mean feat when taking alternate shots!

The new format was a roaring success on the day with everyone enjoying the tournament.  The Committee hope for continued support from league players next season so we can continue this new tournament format and build on the success.  If you weren’t able to come along on Sunday, get 4 players together and try it in your own club the next time you are looking for something different to do!

Many thanks to all those that turned up on the day to support the tournament, and a special thank you to Des and Mark Cooper for kindly hosting at Saffron Snooker Club.  The tournament was run by Peter Saville, assisted by Stuart Turner and Mark Cooper.

The winners, Mark Halls and Ben Westwood kindly donated their prize money to the Christmas Charity Raffle so stand a chance of winning one of the two pairs of afternoon/evening session tickets available to see The Masters Snooker Tournament at Alexandra Palace in January. Lucky numbers for the raffle can be bought at Saffron Snooker Club at £2 each.  Each pair of snooker tickets is worth £90 so well worth a flutter given also that all proceeds will be donated to a charity which will be chosen by the winners of the Memorial Cup Mark and Ben.


Reminder : League Rule 12 – Postponed Matches

In accordance with League Rule 12, for the remainder of the 2013/14 League Season, please could all Captains refresh themselves with the procedures that apply with regards to postponed matches;

In the event of a team being forced to postpone a match due to unavoidable circumstances, the captain should notify the captain of the opposing team and the Fixtures/Results Secretary at least 24 hours before the match is due to be played. Failure to notify opponents and the Fixtures/Results Secretary as required will result in penalties being applied according to the discipline (see Rule 19 and Rule 22). Subject to a claim being raised, the offending team shall pay the sum of £15 to a Three Player Team / £20 Four Player Team as a contribution towards their expenses if they fail to turn up to a match and the non-offending team is already at the league venue, or cancel a match after 6.30pm on the evening of the match. Such expenses shall be paid within 28 days to the non-offending Captain.

Any postponed matches should be rearranged within 14 days and played within a further 14 days. Failure to do so will result in the deduction of two points (Four Player Division) or three points (Three Player Division) from their aggregate total. This will be repeated at monthly intervals. When a match has been postponed it is the responsibility of the home team captain to offer three dates on which the postponed match can be played.

A league match may be cancelled once in each half of the season without penalty, however should two or more league matches be cancelled in either half of the season then the team cancelling the match shall have 1 point deducted from their aggregate total to date, and for each and every match thereafter.

In the event of a league match or tournament round being played at an alternative venue due to the home table being unavailable, the original home player/team shall remain as such for the purposes of the order of play and payment of any table fees.

For a match to be confirmed via text, email or other electronic communication as either being cancelled and/or rearranged for a new date, such communication must be acknowledged by either the Captain or Vice Captain of the other team for it to be deemed as agreed. The Fixtures/Results Secretary shall be informed of any cancelled/rearranged matches.

League Rule Clarification as per SWDSL November 2013 Newsletter;

The Committee have decided unanimously that if a cancelled league match is re-arranged and then played either in the SAME playing week as it is detailed in the fixtures OR earlier, then League Rule 12 shall not apply with regards to that match counting as the free cancellation or subsequent cancellation of which a 1 point penalty would be applicable. This is because playing in the same week or earlier does not affect the league table standings or cause disruption to the fixtures.

Should you require any advice or clarifications regarding the league rules then please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary, Peter Saville via email swdsl@live.co.uk



Memorial Cup Tournament – Sunday 24 November 2013

Please see Memorial Cup Poster attached for details.  To make it fair, the tournament will be based upon league handicaps.  If you could confirm your entry via text to Adam Ingram prior to the day it would be appreciated so we can have an idea of likely numbers.

Please come along and show your support…this tournament is held to remember all those players that are sadly no longer with us and don’t forget that all proceeds are to be donated to charity.Image

SWDSL Newsletter – November 2013‏

Dear League Member,

League Update
With 9 matches now played in the Three Player Division, new team BSSC B are top of the table with 34 points, 1 point ahead of last season’s runner’s up Sawbridgeworth USC Bandits who have 33. Legion Tornados are 3 points behind BSSC B in third place with 31 points. Adam Ingram so far has the highest break in the league with 76.

With 10 matches now played in the Four Player Division, defending champions Saffron Flukes lead the table once again with 25 points, 2 ahead of Sawton Jets on 23. Widdington Warriors are 3 points behind the leaders on 22 points.
Jeremy Jones currently has the highest break in the Four Player Division with 51.

The last 64 rounds of the Handicap Singles and Handicap Doubles are now open and all matches are due to be played by 29 November 2013. Should you have any issues trying to contact your opponent or do not know the password for the Contact List then please advise the Tournament Secretary, Adam Ingram on 07901-723360.

Memorial Cup – Sunday 24 November 2013
The Memorial Cup is being held at Saffron Snooker Club on Sunday 24 November 2013. Register from 10.30am, play to commence at 11am. Format is Scotch Doubles (like normal doubles but players play alternate shots when at the table). Entry fee is £5 per person which includes the table light. Doubles pairs to be handicapped and put into groups. One frame to be played against each other pair in the group on a round robin basis. Depending on number of entrants, winners and runners up will then qualify for the semi final knock out stage of the tournament. All rounds to be one frame. Prize money and trophies will be provided from league funds.
A doubles pairings can be formed by any two registered league members, you do not have to be from the same Club. If you do not have a partner, please turn up on the day and we will try and pair you up with someone. To secure your entry please text Adam Ingram you and your partners name prior to the day.

SWDSL Christmas Charity Raffle
Entrants to pick a number from a list held at Saffron Snooker Club.
£2 per number, no limit of number that can be purchased. Top prizes include 2 tickets worth a total of £90 to watch both the afternoon and evening sessions of the Masters Snooker Tournament at Alexandra Place on Thursday 16 January 2014 (we have two pairs in total to raffle). All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to a charity to be chosen by the winners of the Memorial Cup. Each player can choose their own charity if they wish and the proceeds will be split equally. A random draw for the prizes will take place on Sunday 22 December 2013 at Saffron Snooker Club. Please contact Committee Member Mark Cooper to purchase a number or any of the Bar Staff. Raffle is open only to registered league members.

League Rule Clarification
The Committee have decided unanimously that if a cancelled league match is re-arranged and then played either in the SAME playing week as it is detailed in the fixtures OR earlier, then League Rule 12 shall not apply with regards to that match counting as the free cancellation or subsequent cancellation of which a 1 point penalty would be applicable. This is because playing in the same week or earlier does not affect the league table standings or cause disruption to the fixtures.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above, then please contact the League Secretary, Peter Saville in the first instance via email swdsl@live.co.uk.

Yours in sport,

The Committee

Memorial Cup Format – Your Vote Please

Dear League Member,

In recent seasons the Memorial Cup hasn’t been very well supported, and last year it had to be cancelled altogether due to the lack of teams entering.  Given the importance of this tournament and what it stands for, to remember past snooker players who are sadly no longer with us, the Committee were asked at the AGM in June this year to review alternative options and to request members vote on their preference in a bid to reinvorgate interest. The format of the Memorial Cup has always been a 3 Man Team playing round robin in groups, with the winners of each group qualifying for the knockout stage.

Accordingly, we would be grateful to receive your vote via the league email address with your preferred option from the following, no later than Friday 20th September 2013.  The League Secretary, Peter Saville will collate all responses for discussion at the next Committee Meeting when a format will be agreed by the Committee.  For your diary, the Memorial Cup is scheduled to take place at Saffron Snooker Club on Sunday 24th November 2013.

1.  3 Man Team (current format)
2.  Scotch Doubles (like normal doubles but players take alternate shots, ie if one pots a red, the other is then on a colour)
3.  Pairs (2 players pair up and each play one frame of singles against another pair. the winning pair has the highest accumulated score from the two frames)
4.  Captain’s Cup (handicap singles tournament for team captains only)

We look forward to receiving your vote at your earliest opportunity.  If you have any questions regarding the above options then please do not hesitate to contact Peter Saville.

This is your opportunity to have a say in the way your tournaments are run, please use your vote!

Yours in sport,
The Committee

The New Snooker Season Is Almost Here…!

Dear League Member,

Well the new league season is almost with us, what happened to the summer break?!

The fixtures for both the Three Player League and Four Player League, together with Player Handicaps are available to download from the league website, http://www.swdsl.co.uk
The Four Player League starts w/c Monday 2 September 2013, and the Three Player League starts a week later, w/c Monday 9 September 2013.

The Captains Packs containing the laminated fixture cards, laminated contact cards and results cards are being distributed shortly to the various league venues.  Before the season starts, please could all Captains check your own teams laminated fixture card against the master fixtures on the website. Please also check that your telephone numbers on the Captains/Vice Captains Contact List on the website and laminated card are correct.  The password for the website version is available on request.  Please advise the Fixtures/Results Secretary, Cathy O’Neill of any discrepancies.

The Tournament Entry Form for the Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Plus Singles and Scratch Singles is also online.  Please could all Captains complete and return to the Tournament Secretary, Adam Ingram no later than 30 September 2013.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all good luck in both the league and individual tournaments, and hope that you have an enjoyable season!

Should you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact the League Secretary, Peter Saville in the first instance via email swdsl@live.co.uk

Yours in sport,
The Committee

2013-14 Snooker Season – Pre Season Update

Dear League Member,

For the 2013-14 Snooker Season, we have confirmed 14 teams competing in the Three Player Division and 8 teams in the Four Player Division.  We are pleased to announce that we have an additional team from Bishop’s Stortford Social Club in the Three Player Division.

Provisionally both divisions will start w/c Monday 2nd September 2013.

Following the AGM last month, the following members were elected onto the Committee;
Adam Ingram (re-elected as Tournament Secretary)
Cathy O’Neill (elected as Fixtures/Results Secretary)
Stewart Hart (re-elected as Committee Member)
Pat Manley and Steve Stalley (new Committee Members)

The Committee extends a warm welcome to new Committee Members Pat Manley and Steve Stalley.

More news to follow prior to the start of the season.  The team fixtures and player handicaps will be uploaded to the league website once finalised. As last season, all teams will also be given laminated cards detailing their own team fixtures.

The Tournament Entry Form for the Handicap Singles, Handicap Doubles, Scratch Plus Singles and Scratch Singles will be made available as soon as the dates for the Semi Finals and Finals have been set.

In the interim, please email swdsl@live.co.uk if you have any other queries prior to the start of the season.

Yours in sport,

The Committee

**Post Updated – October 2013**

Dan Lewis was voted in by the Committee as Chairman for the 2013-14 League Season.

Peter Saville was co-opted to the position of League Secretary until formally ratification at the AGM in June 2014.

Seventh Heaven for Ingram at Trophy Presentation / Finals Evening – Saturday 18 May 2013

The 51st snooker season of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden & District Snooker League concluded on the evening of Saturday 18 May 2013 with the finals of the Handicap Singles and Scratch Singles being played and the presentation of the trophies won during the season.

At 4.45pm the Handicap Singles final kicked off with Pat Manley (Newport Ex Cons) taking on Peter Saville (Dunmow Club).  With Pat having a handicap of -6 and Peter -1, the match was virtually a scratch affair.  Both players have pedigree in the tournament with Pat a previous winner in the 1991/92 season, and Peter a runner up in 1996/97 and 1998/99.  In frame one, Peter struggled to find the sort of form which saw him reach his third final and with Pat finding his range early on, he soon eased to a 1-0 advantage.  In frame two Peter found his range and secured the frame with a double on the pink.  Peter started well in frame three but Pat eased ahead to take a 2-1 advantage in the best-of-five match and needed just one frame for victory.  Peter led in frame four but after being snookered twice by Pat, he gave away 28 points in fouls with the miss rule being called.  Despite this with both players needing blue and pink, Peter had first chance but in missing a chance on the blue handed the advantage back to Pat who calmly secured victory by potting the blue and pink.

At 8.15pm, the Scratch Singles final took centre stage with Adam Ingram aiming for a 7th title, and last years runner up, Michael Cushion looking to go one better and secure his first Scratch Singles title.  In the first frame, Michael started well with a good opening break but a rattled missed black ball allowed Adam to score enough points to draw level and continue to secure the first frame.  Adam dominated the play in frames two and three and at the interval look ominously comfortable with a 3-0 lead.  Adam continued well in frame four and although Michael looked as if he could start a comeback as Adam missed a straight forward pot on the pink for the match, but after a short safety exchange and snookers,  Adam slotted in the pink and black to secure a 4-0 victory and pick up an incredible 7th Scratch Singles title.

Following the conclusion of the Scratch Singles final, the trophy presentations took place.  Our Life President, Dan Lewis compered and Des Cooper of DMC Leisure, our league sponsor presented the trophies to the various winners.

To make a snooker season a success involves a lot of people giving up their free time to make it work, and this year the Committee are due a big thank you namely Dan Lewis (Life President), Cathy O’Neill (League Secretary), Adam Ingram (Tournament Secretary), Peter Saville (Vice Chairman/Treasurer/Website Administrator), Stuart Turner (Assistant Tournament Secretary), Mark Cooper, Stewart Hart and Bob Lovell.

In addition to the Committee, without the support of Saffron Snooker Club and DMC Leisure, the league would not be able to hold events such as the President’s Cup and the Trophy Presentation / Finals Evening.  We must also thank all the league venues who provided snooker tables for all the semi finals and finals this season, and to those individuals who gave up their time to referee and score the various matches.  Finally, without the support of  local businesses through sponsorship of our tournaments, we would not be able to offer the level of prize money and the quality of trophies that we have all come to expect, so again a big thank you to our sponsors Bullet Brickwork (UK) Ltd, Bushwood Accountants, Binder Loams, Tees Solicitors, GJM Plumbing Repairs, Hexagon Consulting and DMC Leisure.