The Committee

For the 2018/19 League Season, the Committee of the DMC Leisure Saffron Walden and District Snooker League consists of the following Officers and Committee Members;

League Officers;
Life President – Dan Lewis (Whittlesford)
Chairman – Peter Saville (Dunmow Club)
Vice Chairman – Phil Chapman (Whittlesford)
League Secretary – Simon Chapman (Whittlesford)
Treasurer / Website Administrator – Peter Saville (Dunmow Club)
Fixtures / Results Secretary – Trevor Parsons (Takeley SSC)
Tournament Secretary – Adam Ingram (JP’s Snooker Club)

Committee Members;
Stuart Turner – Assistant Tournament Secretary (Dunmow Club)
Aaron Gibson – Assistant Fixtures / Results Secretary (Newport Club)
Stewart Hart (Saffron Snooker Club)
Steve Stalley (Saffron Snooker Club)
Phil Chapman (Whittlesford)
Stephen Burford (Takeley SSC)

It is important that any queries or issues are directed to the correct person. The main day-to-day work is generally undertaken by the Simon Chapman, Trevor Parsons, Adam Ingram and Peter Saville whose roles and responsibilities are as follows;

League Secretary – Simon Chapman – please email
All matters concerning the general running of the league on a day-to-day basis, any queries concerning league rules and regulations etc.

Fixtures / Results Secretary – Trevor Parsons 
Any queries in relation to league fixtures, league match results, player registrations and handicaps, cancellation and/or rearranging of league matches.

Tournament Secretary – Adam Ingram 
Collation of league results and production of league tables.  All matters relating to all tournament and competition entries, results and draw sheets including the President’s Cup, Memorial Cup, Saffron Walden Challenge, Bishop’s Stortford Challenge and League Cup.  Adam is also our EASB liaison officer.

Treasurer / Website Administrator – Peter Saville
Any matters in relation to the finances of the league and the administration/content of the league website, facebook page or twitter account.

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