Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

1. Prior to entry, all players must ensure that they are available to play in all rounds of a tournament in accordance with the dates listed in the Season Calendar.  The dates for semi-finals and finals will not be changed unless a venue is not available.  Should a player not be able to play in either the semi-final or final of a tournament, they shall inform the Tournament Secretary immediately and withdraw from the tournament.

2. Scratch Plus Singles eligibility – Players must be scratch handicap or above as at the date of entry and as at the date of the first round being played.  Any players entering the tournament that fall to a minus handicap following the first half season handicap adjustment will not be included in the draw and will have their entry fee refunded.  Any players that move from a minus handicap to a plus handicap following the end of the first half of the season and prior to the first round being played will be invited to enter the tournament at the discretion of the Committee.

3. Any player withdrawing from a tournament without a valid reason (ie medical grounds etc.) will not be eligible to enter the same tournament in the following season.

4. Please could the winning player(s) advise the Tournament Secretary of all results within 24 hours of the match taking place so the drawsheet can be updated. Please do not text/call after 9.30pm.

5. Should any league fees not be paid by the due date, then the player(s)/team(s) concerned, at the discretion of the Committee may be removed from all tournaments.

6. In respect of matches not being played by the due dates, the Tournament Secretary has final judgement as to whether one or both player(s) are to be removed from the draw.  Only in exceptional circumstances (and with the exception of semi-finals and finals), an extension may be granted at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary. 

7. If a home player(s) cannot offer the home table for a match due to availability issues, then they must either agree to play at the away venue, or arrange to play at a neutral registered league venue selected by the home player(s).  The home player(s) detailed in the draw remain as such for the purposes of the order of play and responsibility for table fees etc.

8. Please note that when arranging a match via text or email, acknowledgement must be received for the match to be deemed arranged.

9. Please remember that all finals are subject to a dress code which must be strictly adhered to.

10. These Tournament Entry Rules are in addition to those detailed in the League Constitution/Rules which are available to view on the league website

 11. By providing a contact number and/or email address, players consent to be contacted by the league via telephone/text/email and for their details to be kept electronically.  Should you wish at any time to be removed from our general text/email circulation then please contact the League Secretary via email